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Family & Home 624 views Feb 08, 2018
5 futuristic Kent rice cookers that can add great convenience

The modern kitchen today is incomplete without an electric rice cooker. Specially manufactured to cook perfect rice every single time, these appliances are convenient and can help you save time as well as efforts. Kent is a well-recognized brand that offers a variety of futuristic rice cookers for fast and efficient cooking. Here is an overview of five such rice cookers and their many features.

1. Kent Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker

With a fully automatic process and one touch operation, the Kent Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker ensures all steamed foods are cooked in a clean and hassle-free manner. You do not have to worry about reheating the food as it ensures the cooked food is kept warm for a long time. It also includes five pre-program settings. This helps you cook your favourite dishes seamlessly. The system helps you start or delay a function by setting the timer on as and when required. The effective induction heating technology consistently dispenses heat.

2. Kent Rice Cooker-3L

Perfect for bachelors and small families, the Kent Electric Rice Cooker 3L makes certain that its one touch operation cooks soup, rice and vegetables effortlessly. You can correctly monitor the temperature, thanks to its advanced induction heating function. It consists of a high quality thick and non-stick coated aluminium inner pot. This helps uniformly distribute heat so that the food is cooked thoroughly. The cooker functions at a high temperature and consists of a cook-and-serve design. This helps you take in the aroma and flavour of the food too.  

3. Kent Rice Cooker-5L

This appliance provides one touch automatic cooking and helps cook rice in a hassle-free manner. This rice cooker consists of an inventive cook-and-serve design. You can carry the cooker wherever you want owing to its efficient grip handle. Cleaning up the mess after cooking is also quite easy. Kent Rice Cooker-5L has a warm function and provides a high quality and non-stick inner pot made from aluminium to ensure that food is evenly heated.

4. Kent Rice Cooker-SS

This energy efficient device comes with induction heating technology that helps regulate temperature within a short period. The high quality, non-stick ceramic coating in the inner pan helps every grain of rice cook in an even and desirable way. High temperature operation and automatic keep warm function keeps your food warm and tasty for long periods. As it comes with a grip handle, the appliance is easy to carry around.

5. Kent Personal Rice Cooker

The Kent Personal Rice Cooker is apt for travellers as it helps you enjoy hygienic and scrumptious food even when you are outdoors owing to its compact and transportable design. It is effortless to use, carry around and clean while its delayed cooking function helps you set the timer to begin the rice cooking process whenever you want. Its advanced induction heating assures you perfectly cooked rice every single time. In this way, you know that you get quality food even while travelling.

Kent has time and again proved its worth as a reliable and successful brand. Depending on individual needs, you can choose the apt rice cookers. There are rice cookers designed specifically for travellers, bachelors, small and big families. Consider the above stated features of different electric rice cookers and it will definitely help you get the best results.