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Family & Home 294 views Apr 10, 2017
Brief understanding of Water Cycle

Changing of water into one state to another and its movement either release the energy or absorb it. Transpiration is one such process when water is evaporated from the leaves to outer atmosphere. When this water vapor cools down in upper atmosphere through process of condensation cloud formation is there.

Factors effecting Transpiration:

There are various factors affecting the rates of Transpiration:

Humidity: Rate of transpiration is inversely proportional to humidity the movement of water in plant is accordance to the law of simple diffusion the rate of transpiration is greatly reduced in humid conditions. Temperature: rate of transpiration increases with increase in temperature this is because evaporation occurs at a faster rate in warmer air, and also because warm hair had good capacity of holding water vapors in comparison to cold air and others.

When the clouds become too heavy storing these water vapor they are released to ground in form of rain, snow, or hail through the process of precipitation, which goes a recycling process continuously and stored on land in different forms like aquifers which are made of rocks or stone or so called ground water. For more information call on Northumbrian Water contact number.



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