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Family & Home 699 views Sep 21, 2016
How to Get Proper Kitchen Lighting in a Zero Energy Home?

Zero energy homes are a much better version of any home due to their air-tight, well insulated and energy efficient attributes. The most distinguishing aspect of these homes are that they produce as much energy as they consume in an year which eventually gives the home owners a privilege of net zero energy bill and a carbon-free atmosphere in their homes.

The infographic titled “Kitchen Lighting: For the Zero Energy Homes” gives you a complete overview of how to decorate your kitchen in a zero energy home to reap out the maximum benefits.

Below enlisted list of the required criterions will help you to get proper lighting, which includes:

LUMENS: How bright is the bulb?

KELVINS: What color does the light glow?

WATTS: How much energy does it use?

The ‘Lighting Plan’ should be completely based on picking the right fixtures for the light. Furthermore, there are two forms of lighting: general Lighting and Task Lighting.

You should also focus on choosing LED lighting as they are more energy efficient and have much longer lives as compared to compact fluorescent bulbs.  Please feel free to visit the given infographic to get more information on the kitchen lighting mechanism in a zero energy home.