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Society 138 views Feb 27, 2017
and since becoming a candidate for the Premier


"His success is difficult to count, which last season witnessed Mark's memorable three achievements, after a successful Premier  fifa 17 xbox one coins League season, he continued law enforcement FA Cup final, the Champions League final and 2016 European Cup final.


"Mark is a very talented referee, he is a great wealth of British football, but also hope that he can  fifa 17 points  inspire those who are interested

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  • 09 Feb 2017
    Injury wave, Real Madrid season, a total of 19 players were injured   According to "Aspen" reported that in Cavalliar and Marcelo have been injured, the injury situation has gradually become a Real Madrid coach Zidane needs to  buy fifa 17 coins face a big problem, Real Madrid in the Spanish half of a total of 19 players were injured.   Real Madrid array is currently only Casillas, Yanez, Nacho, Asencio and Mariano  fifa 17 ps4 coins did not miss the game due to injury.   Real Madrid 2016-17 season player injuries:   Navas: Ankle surgery in June, after missing the first 6 league  fifa 17 xbox one coins games this season and 1 Champions League group stage (against Portuguese sports).   Casillia: No injuries this season.   Yanez: No injuries this season.   Kawahar: biceps femoris 2 injured, "Aspen" that Real Madrid will be sidelined for about a month. Now the goal is to hope that he can  buy fifa 17 coins catch up with the team and Naples Champions League duel.   Danilo: Zengyin muscle injury missed two games (with the Leo Nessa culture of the King's Cup second leg as well as with Barcelona's national derby).   Varanelli: because of knee discomfort missed 6 days, missed the team and Sporting Gijon game.   Nacho: This season there is no injury.   Marcelo: injured in the team's game with Malaga, "Aspen" said the Brazilian injured  fifa 17 xbox one coins biceps femoris left leg, the club will be next Monday to check Marcelo. The beginning of the season because of participation in the national team game right leg soleus muscle injury.
    651 Posted by Elena liu
  • 09 Aug 2016
    Manchester United official Twitter account announced that the team new aid, the French striker Paul - Boge Ba will buy fifa 16 coins wear jersey No. 6 in the new season. "Bo Geba, 6 #Pogback" Manchester United official Twitter account wrote, accompanied by a Boge Ba wearing a Manchester United jersey No. 6 photos. The 23-year-old French midfielder joined cheap fifa 17 coins Manchester United for a fee of € 105 million plus 5 million euros of floating provisions, this figure also broke when Bell to 101 million euros worth joining Real Madrid to create a historical record. Historically, there are many top players wearing a Manchester United jersey No. 6, for example, Duncan - Edwards, Stam and Palestrina, Bo Geba No. 6 jersey can continue to Buy FUT 17 coins write brilliant? We'll see.
    396 Posted by Elena liu
  • 07 Sep 2016
    Italian "Gazzetta dello Sport", today announced the details of each team player's salary situation, Juventus 145 million fut coins of the total annual salary ranked first Serie A, Inter Milan and Rome 9200 120 000 000 extremely ranked second and third, AC Milan and Naples the total annual salary was 80 million and 75 million, came in fourth and fifth. In terms of the players, Higuain to 7.5 million euros in all ranked first in Serie A player, De Rossi ranked second with six million euros. Juventus player salary details (Unit: Euro) Higuain: 7.5 million Pjanic: 4.5 million Khedira: Buffon: 4000000 Bonucci, Marchisio, Alves, Man Zhu Keech, Chiellini: 3.5 million Di Bala, Hernanes, Cuadrado: 3000000 Sandro, Burnett Tia, Lichtsteiner: 2.8 million fifa 17 coins  Barzagli, Patrice Evra: 2.5 million Neto: 2000000 Piya Cha: 1.8 million De Ceglie: 1.7 million Asamoah: 1.6 million Stu La: 1.5 million Le Mina: 1.2 million Lu Jiani: 1000000 Marty slightly: 400,000 Aode Luo: 250,000 Mandela Glasgow: 200,000 Inter players salary details (Unit: Euro) Ica Jordi: 3.6 million Hole Shakespeare, Vidic: 3.5 million Perisic, Banega, Miranda: 3000000 Jiabigeer, Joao - Mario: 2.7 million Handanovic, Mello: 2.5 million Pull Nokia, Palacio: 2.4 million Candreva: 2.2 million Eder: 1.8 million Biabiany, Medel: 1.6 million Ansaldi, 布罗佐维奇: 1.5 million Murillo, Changyouyoudou Thornton: 1.3 million  fifa 17 ps4 coins  D'Ambrosio: 1.2 million Andreoli: 1.1 million Carrizo: 750,000 Berni: 200,000 Geno Cary, Radu: 100,000 OCA, Mi Ange: 80000 AC Milan player salary details Vaca: 3.5 million Adriano: 3000000 Montolivo, Keisuke Honda: 2.5 million
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  • 21 Oct 2016
    "We should also consider other markets, but I'm not sure how to buy fifa 17 coins  do it." China 's economic strength is strong, the US is not just strong economic strength, North American football is also growing.   The Champions League final is currently held on Saturday, Cheflin said there may be a change in the Champions League semi-final weeks of the game time.
    383 Posted by Elena liu
  • 18 Aug 2016
    According to German media reports, a surge of capital strength from China is considering to  buy fifa coins put money into the Bundesliga club. In an interview with "Bild" when the anonymity of traditional Bundesliga club manager, said: "Over the past two years, we have received seven applications from Chinese investment on the desktop." German media said that the Bundesliga is not without foreign capital into the traditional Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen, Wolfsburg, Volkswagen, Hoffenheim boss Hope and Gulf investors are the second division recapitalization ball Munich 1860 team, they are either "50 + 1" policy had been accepted  cheap fifa 17 coins before external capital club, or clubs drilled policy loopholes, German media said the Chinese capital will be injected into the club to buy shares in the form of entry, similar Red Bull Leipzig was a near-monopoly (Leipzig was acquired at the regional league Red Bull, thus avoiding the "50 + 1" only for professional clubs policy loopholes) and fans were resisting the practice should not occur. Thomas Röttgermann Wolfsburg manager in an interview, said: "Chinese investors in the near future to  buy fifa 16 coins enter the Bundesliga club is very possible."
    373 Posted by Elena liu
  • 07 Sep 2016
    Arsenal's official website recently announced the Arsenal best goal in August, Alex - Oaks Ladd - Wilt Chamberlain won fifa 16 ps4 coins this award. Chamberlain at Arsenal and Liverpool in the second half off the bench, and then left to right Akira Liverpool edge of the area, the ball broke into the restricted area low shot broke. Ozil game with Watford headed home to get the first two; Sanchez also had that game into a ball, won the FUT 17 Coins  first three.
    347 Posted by Elena liu
  • 31 Aug 2016
    Augsburg officially announced that striker Mata Fuzi (Tim Matavz) loan to join Cheap FUT 17 Coins  Freiburg, on loan until the end of the season. Freiburg bonnemain manager, said: "We have for some time View 察马塔夫兹 glad before the transfer window closed we clinched the move, his arrival can enhance the team offensive force." The new season Mata Fuzi will be wearing jersey No. 24. The summer of 2014 from PSV switch Mata Fuzi Augsburg, on the upper half of the season he won 11 appearances, he was on loan at Genoa team outside during the winter window. To date a total of 27 Bundesliga players game experience and contribute three goals for the team. Mata Fuzi during his career-high light when playing cheap fifa 17 coins in the Netherlands, Groningen and PSV Eindhoven he played a total of 154 times, scoring 58 goals. After players complete the contract, he said: "First of all I want to thank Augsburg gave me the opportunity to come to Freiburg, the team managers and coaches have been trying to invite me to join fut coins , I look forward to new challenges, want to help the ball team goals. "
    301 Posted by Elena liu
  • 26 Sep 2016
    According to the French news media Téléfoot, after four unsuccessful PSG squad Ben Arfa is expected to end in the Champions League in the squad, he is expected to travel with the Fifa 17 xbox one coins team to Bulgaria 卢多格雷茨 team. French media have previously broke the news, Paris coach Emeri had approached Ben Arfa in training single talked and told the latter "You're not Messi." Losing many games in the squad after Ben Arfa uncertain future in Paris, but the "team" does not think that French players in the winter transfer window period to seek. And Ben Arfa himself seems not worried about his future, he passed Instagram recently released a set of photos and small video recording, said: ".. Paris was not built in one day effort, I can do." According to French media Téléfoot message before the next FUT 17 Coins  round of the Champions League group stage match against 卢多格雷茨, Emeri is likely to make re-enter the Alpha squad.
    293 Posted by Elena liu
  • 29 Sep 2016
    England's agent coach Soggate or recall Manchester United striker Rushford into a new national team squad, Rushford in England U21's first show will be a hat-trick, when the coach is FUT 17 Coins Southgate , So Rushford is likely to participate in England next against Malta and Slovenia's World Cup. Allardyce under a command of the English squad did not call into Rushford, and Rushford in the past three times for Manchester United have scored goals. Rushford staged last cheap fifa 17 coins  season staged Manchester United first team debut, and then in May to complete the England national team debut. Then he was Hodgson called the French European Cup in the big list, but in Allardyce took over England after losing position. And his first show in the U21 hat-trick is likely to become a convincing Southgate called Fifa 17 xbox one coins  him a major factor in the England team.
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  • 05 Dec 2016
    England Football Association official announced the Manchester City striker Aguero imposed penalties for four suspended for Fernandino three penalties for the suspension, Otamendi will be suspended for a total of five fifa 17 ps4 coins yellow cards. In the current round of the Premier League, Manchester City 1-3 at home to Chelsea, the final stage of the game, Aguero on Chelsea defender David - Luis's flying shovel led to a conflict between the two teams, Fernandinho France Bregas has a lock throat action was sentenced to death by the referee, the two were sent off  fifa 17 points at the last minute of the game.
    265 Posted by Elena liu