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Society 669 views Feb 09, 2017
this season and 1 Champions League group stage (against Portugu

Injury wave, Real Madrid season, a total of 19 players were injured


According to "Aspen" reported that in Cavalliar and Marcelo have been injured, the injury situation has gradually become a Real Madrid coach Zidane needs to  buy fifa 17 coins face a big problem, Real Madrid in the Spanish half of a total of 19 players were injured.


Real Madrid array is currently only Casillas, Yanez, Nacho, Asencio and Mariano  fifa 17 ps4 coins did not miss the game due to injury.


Real Madrid 2016-17 season player injuries:


Navas: Ankle surgery in June, after missing the first 6 league  fifa 17 xbox one coins games this season and 1 Champions League group stage (against Portuguese sports).


Casillia: No injuries this season.


Yanez: No injuries this season.


Kawahar: biceps femoris 2 injured, "Aspen" that Real Madrid will be sidelined for about a month. Now the goal is to hope that he can  buy fifa 17 coins catch up with the team and Naples Champions League duel.


Danilo: Zengyin muscle injury missed two games (with the Leo Nessa culture of the King's Cup second leg as well as with Barcelona's national derby).


Varanelli: because of knee discomfort missed 6 days, missed the team and Sporting Gijon game.


Nacho: This season there is no injury.


Marcelo: injured in the team's game with Malaga, "Aspen" said the Brazilian injured  fifa 17 xbox one coins biceps femoris left leg, the club will be next Monday to check Marcelo. The beginning of the season because of participation in the national team game right leg soleus muscle injury.