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Technology 82 views Nov 09, 2017
Laser Transverse Electric Field

This technology in the application of the performance of fast, save money, does not depend on any form, can be installed strong, high efficiency and good security. Once the task negotiated, within 24 ~ 36h to complete a single piece of processing. In the commissioning of hardening processing services, the standard range of daily processing tasks is from the small changes in the size of the precision components, until the large pump chassis, rope pulley and hundreds of kilograms of large die for processing. In order to improve component rigidity and reduce component thickness to save material during high quality hardening processes, functional levels such as cutting and quality-free stabilizers are applied. The structural stabilizer is a strong burning laser pointer trajectory that produces a high rigidity and a low vibration tendency within the component, which can be used in component design concepts and FEM analysis.

green laser pointer

As the high energy density positron research in the military, materials, energy and other fields of science has important strategic significance and application prospects, the field has become the international high-energy physics research hot and difficult. Einstein's energy equation tells us that matter and energy can be transformed into each other. According to the quantum electrodatics we have known that super-intense laser can tear the vacuum to produce positive and negative electron pairs, but the required laser intensity is at least seven orders of magnitude higher than the laser energy available in the current laboratory. This greatly limits the effort to artificially generate high-energy-density positrons.

When the radiation damping force is much larger than the lateral mass of the laser, the electrons are directly captured by the laser field to form a high energy density electron beam mass with a density of up to 40 times the critical density. These electrons, while accelerating in the direction of high power laser pointer propagation, oscillate under the action of the laser transverse electric field to radiate high-energy photons outward. Three - dimensional numerical simulation results show that the number of photons is up to 850 times the critical density, the total number of photons is 1015 orders of magnitude. Due to the symmetry of the scheme, the high-energy photons formed on both sides will produce a large number of high-energy positive and negative electron pairs directly to the propagating laser photons.

The advantage is that its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable, adjust one of them does not affect the other laser parameters, which is Q-switched structure of the laser does not have. And this feature, to the stainless steel color marking with unlimited possibilities. In the actual marking operation, pulse width, frequency, power, speed, fill the way, fill the pitch, delay parameters and so on these factors will affect the color effect. It is understood that this ultra-short laser drive generated by the ultra-short pulse, high-quality high-energy proton beam can also be applied to proton photographic and material testing, laser nuclear fusion fast ignition, laboratory astrophysics, laser nuclear physics and nuclear medicine aspects of the study.

In 2016, SLM system sales of more than 1000, which uses the laser source is mainly fiber laser, disc laser / CO2 laser and femtosecond fiber laser, power range of 30W to 1kW or more. 3D printing of the fine degree is also getting higher and higher, print out the fine structure of the resolution has reached the order of microns. The next five years, the market will grow steadily, and the main driver of market growth comes from unmanned aerial vehicles, autopilot vehicles, robots, military and security. Part of the red laser lighting market is car laser lighting, mainly car headlights. BMW, Audi and other well-known car manufacturers have adopted a laser lighting system. Another part of the market is safe laser lighting, such as the night environment for people riding a warning sign.

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