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Entertainment 348 views Apr 30, 2016
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I think I figured this out when I Buy Fifa Coins was in division , and i went straight down to division with goals in average per match. This is also why you want to jocky defend against players down on the wing or infront of the box, because this technique will let you go past AI contain pretty easily aswell. If you try to Auto defend against someone who knows how to do this, you are in big troubleCrossing:Crossing in this game is very different from previous FIFA versions, you have probably noticed the keeper catching everything.


The best ways to cross in this game is early crosses, cross it before you reach the edge of the box, hold LB and cross it in. Power depends if you are aiming for the middle or backpos. If your attackers are too far behind when you are ready to cross you have two options, either go further down the pitch and do a power cross (double tap the cross button, or triple tap it for a low cross, remember to have your player face across the goal. Or you can cut in slightly, let your players advance towards the box, and then cross.Scoring Goals:When it comes to shooting, you can pretty much score from any angle this year. Even near post when coming in from the wing.


But my absolute favorite Fifa 17 Coins PS4 way to score this year is cutting in from the wing and doing a driven pass into the box. If you have a striker with good positioning and finishing this will result in tons of goals.More FIFA 16 tips tricks will come at a later point, a bit busy. Feel free to add tips for those who struggle, leave your wonderful ideas below, please, if you dont agree with me.FIFA Ultimate Team has cast a spell on all of us, it seems. Why do we keep playing it? Its not for the tactics, or the chemistry links, or even the matches. The elusive promise that in-form Cristiano Ronaldo might be in the next pack, or Pelé might be just around the corner, is enough to spur us on, playing one more match to pull together enough coins for one more pack.


But inevitably, the next pack contains no Pe, no Ronaldo, no Lionel Messi. According to the card weighting system used by UltimateDB, you probably have more chance of a decent lottery win than you do of getting purple Ronaldo  FIFAs rarest card  in a pack. More likely you just get a load of dross to quick-sell back for measly few coins in return.Even worse, you might have just had one of these 11 players, in which case, we feel your pain. Its not that at any of them are bad  not by a long shot  but we see seem to see these particular faces all too often.GK  Willy CaballeroManchester Citys back-up keeper isnt going to do you any favours.GO TO