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Business 241 views Jun 28, 2018
Genext Students: Changing the Education System

28th June- With evolving technology, the education system too must develop. Along with the growth in technology, education must also be updated. Genext Students have been focusing on this motto to change the education system of India.


With offering Teaching Jobs in Mumbai at, Genext Students has given many deserving teachers the job of a home tutor. Genext Students is on a roll to change the whole education system with its unique feature of home tutorials. Not only in Mumbai, but it has also spread its branches to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Lucknow and even Pune.


The company is striving fast to provide as many facilities as it can to the students all over the nation. Genext Students has been of great help to the parents as well. Parents can quite easily appoint Tuition Teacher in Mumbai at, tuition teacher in Lucknow and Pune through the website itself. Genext Students has even done many projects to spread the importance of education by teaching students in the villages and underdeveloped towns. Not only children, but the company has also even given lessons through workshops to many illiterate men and women too. The CEO of the company says, “Education should not be limited to children, even the parents should be taught as it would show them the importance of studies.”


Genext Students believes in improvement and that a person can learn new things every day, which is clearly shown by the workshops that the company has conducted for the tutors to learn new skills that can help them while teaching the students. They can teach the students new techniques to solve a problem through the skills they have learned from the workshops.


The company has been of great help to the parents as it gives them an opportunity to get involved in the studies of their child and even track their progress through the website. Genext Students is promoting home tutorials in the metro cities so that people can know the importance of education.


It has made the job of searching for a tutor easy. A parent has to type out the requirements on the website and select a tutor based on that requirement. With over 8,000 tutors offered by the company, one can easily appoint a tutor. It even provides a free demo and 100% replacement. If parents do not like the teaching style of the tutor, then they can easily replace the tutor from the website. It even provides digital learning. The study materials are provided on the website, and if a student has doubt, then it can be cleared through the online portal.


Genext Students also provides private tutors for children. The one-on-one teaching style helps the child to understand the subject easily, and the doubts can be cleared quickly; this would even give the tutor an opportunity to explain to the child by taking his/her time. Genext Students is progressing toward changing the whole classroom teaching concept by home tutorials in the near future.


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