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Business 202 views Jun 19, 2018
Eduvanz Financial Services: The Emerging Leader in Low Cost, Sm

12th June, Bangalore: One has to agree that the introduction of Internet has made our lives simpler. One does not need to venture out far to verify this. Shopping, financial transactions, and food delivery, all these activities are being carried out on online platforms.The world is changing at a rapid pace, and internet is revolutionizing the way we go about with our daily lives. The Internet is a powerful tool that is altering the way industries and various sectors of our economy are functioning.


India is a unique market, which has its own set of problems and challenges that it has to overcome. It is a booming sector which has a lot of scope for development.  One of the growing segmentscurrently present in India are the Banking and Education domains. This is where a unique set of companies come into the picture. There are many Nbfc Companies in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata and other metro cities in India and their presence is only growing.NBFC is abbreviated as Non- Banking Finance Company, and they are in the business of helping people avail bank loans in a faster and much-simplified way. Thus, making it easier for people to use this capital for their benefit, which otherwise they could not have.


The biggest emerging company in this sector is Eduvanz Financing Private Limited. They are revolutionising the Financial Sector, and they cater to a specific set of students who are in dire need of financial assistance. They provide secure and straightforward loans to students based on their innovative proprietary algorithm to give students the best package to secure their future. They are a new and innovative finance company that is making many positive changes in the student loans market.


The company was started by Varun Chopra, and Raheel Shah who are graduates from IIT-M and IIM-A respectively and both have a decade-long experience in MNC's in the finance and services sector. They started this company as a Financial Venture to further the Educational prospects of many struggling students in this country. The firm was initiated with the aim of making accessible education and promote skill development for students by providing secure financial assistance directly from Institutions to make the availability of loans a more transparent process. Many students forego chances to study at their preferred Institute due to lack of financial support.


This way Eduvanz is leading the sea of change by transforming the way we look at student loans making it a straightforward task. They are a small group of hard working and talented individuals who are also backed by professional set of advisors that have been leaders at ICICI and are also pioneers in their respective fields. All these factors combined with the collective experience they bring to the table makes Eduvanz one of the best Nbfc Companies in Bangalore, Mumbai along with other metro cities in India. Their approach is a unique one, and their aim to provide skill development accessible to all is a noble one.

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