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Business 175 views Jun 06, 2018

With the growing complexities of the world and increasing competition amongst students, we have seen considerable changes related to vivid aspects of education. With the technology also interfering learning or imparting education has now reached greater heights demands of a private home tutor have reached the peaks.


Owing to its plethora of advantages it is now deemed as mandatory by parents to begin their quest for home tutors.


Genext students private limited, a dwelling company in education-technology base, provides an end to end solution to the parent by offering the combination of much-required technology and a professional home tutor.


It has created a platform as Tuition Teacher in Mumbai at, which makes the job of hiring a tutor much simpler.


Taking decisive advantage of the advent of technology, Genext students use online portals to notify the parents regarding their child's performance thus meeting their concerns. It is known to be the 1ST of its kind education imparting platform in today's world.


It has been thriving lately owing to the primary factor of reaching out to people and their needs. The online materials, tests, and visual learning are noted to have caused a more significant impact on student's memory power and is known to improve their ability to grasp newer information.


Making a difference in the lives of passionate and qualified individuals by making them entrepreneurs and thus termed globally as ‘Tutorpreneurs.'


The company's co-founders MR. ALI ASGAR KAGZI and ASAD DAUD have proudly quoted that "the platform which was once a dream our own has now reached to greater heights and to a state where it can completely stand for and by the people and is aiming to reach much greater heights in the following years."


Genext students private limited as per its motive is dedicated to imparting best of their services in the fields of education by providing much-needed attention and help and also is known to utilize technology by holding digital classes and videos thus making the concepts much more approachable and understandable.


It has now reached a state wherein it can take care and impart education related to any education board of the country, for instance, almost 73% of the students belong to ICSE and CBSE boards, and the remaining are taken care with RBSE, SSC, UP board, etc.



It has made a pass way for the candidate with passion towards teaching by creating a platform like Teaching Jobs in Mumbai at where their dreams come true and are of much use to the society.


Developing such a company which extends massive impact to the budding students is, as a matter of fact, indeed something to be proud of. Therefore, companies which look to Genext students for inspiration to create a significant impact are known to be striving and barely stand next to it.


Thus, it is overwhelming to be ranked as number 1 and as per the words of MR. Ali ‘’we will strive for reaching new heights and as usual, make sure that we thrive.”