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Health 479 views Feb 01, 2017

Are you after finding home remedies for the hair growth? Not only you there are many persons who are inclined to the natural home remedies for the treatment of hairs. The chemical solutions for the hair issues have been tried and there are lots of such readymade solutions available in the net and the media. In the long run all such solutions proved to be harmful to the hairs. It is true that there can be some short term relief. But it has been proved that the chemicals are not hair friendly. Sensing the people’s sentiments against chemical uses even the multinationals, playing in the hair care industries, are turning to the age old home remedies for the hair growth. But how much real is not known but at least in advertising in the media almost all products speak of herbal ingredients for reaching their target customers.

Vitamins are important homeremedies for hair growth 


How many recognize the effectiveness of vitamins for the hair treatment? But the medical science has proved beyond doubt that there is a close relation between growth of hairs and the vitamins. The hair that we see over the head is dead tissue. But that does not mean that they are not taken care of by the body metabolism. For the growth of the hairs there are follicles at the root of each and every hair. The work of the follicles is to collect the vitamins from the blood and nourish the hairs. The blood then should be rich in vitamins.


Enrich your blood by diet plan


You have to take vitamins in your diet so that the vitamins go into the blood stream. Vitamin B is the most important vitamin which is most useful for the growth of the hairs. The good thing is that vitamin B is found in many foods. Fish, meat and egg are rich source of vitamin B. Include such food in your daily diet. Vitamin C and E are also good.