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206 views Sep 07, 2018
Pursue a Better Career Path with Skill Development

1st September, Mumbai, India: India has made name for itself on the global map with its quality engineers, doctors, scientists and other professionals across all the fields. However, still, there are billions of people who are unemployed due to lack of skills. This calls for skill development and enhancement. The ambiguity in the world market in all the sectors makes it all the way more important to have a strong background and skill set in order to seek good employment. It not only adds value to one's organization one is working with but also helps to shape the career development path.

India focuses on empowering individuals with the improved skill set, qualifications and knowledge to have access to good employment opportunities in various sectors of the industry. This will make India's competitive presence felt in the global market.

India's Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, highlighted the importance of upgrading skills of 40 crore Indians by the year 2022 by launching the Skill India program in 2015. The Prime Minister envisions that this will help India to become the largest skill force provider in the world.

In the wake of this call, the urgency and the need for skill development is emphasised.

A report by Skills India spotlights that India requires about 700 million skilled workers by the year 2022 to match up to the demands of the growing economy.

For developing skills, it is necessary to identify the skills one is interested in and analysing its scope in the future years. However, to support the financing of learning a new skill, there are several provisions made. The Government has made many schemes to fund the Loan For Skill Development. There are multiple banks and certain NBFCs like the Eduvanz Financing Pt Ltd., a Mumbai based financing company, play an active role in supporting finances for people who want to upgrade their skills and become future-ready. It provides Loans For Skill Development and for other Career Development Loans so as to empower an individual to be a skilful resource in the industry for years to come to by.

CEO of Eduvanz, Varun Chopra, “We realise the importance of skill development for each individual and thereby aim to finance the future of many such individuals by providing loans for skill development.”

The company believes Mr Narendra Modi's words that the more skilled the youth, the more will be the competitiveness amongst them. It endeavours to provide easy, transparent and quick financial assistance by making use of revolutionising technological solution.

So, if you are seeking better employment opportunities, it becomes extremely crucial to learn new and emerging skills that will help one contribute to the industry in a better way. One can always reach for career development loans from financing providing companies like Eduvanz that offer quick financial assistance from the companies that they have collaborated with.

Raise one's market value by pursuing a course for learning a new skill that is in line with one's academic qualifications and which can shape one's career path with the Career Development Loans from several NBFCs.