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Sports 862 views Jul 13, 2017
How to use Koowheel self balancing board K4

"How to use Koowheel self balancing board K4

"A:Turn on the board, press the ""power on / off"" button;The board is on when hearing the honk sound and LED indicator light is on. 2. Step on the board and keep balance. Firstly put one foot on the foot pad then slowly move the body's focus on the foot pad, and then raise another foot slowly from the ground and place on the foot pad.

Best seller Self balancing scooter k4

B:  Forward / Backward / Brake:

  1. Lean the body Slowly forward and feel the balance of the board to move forward, and then stand straight and feel slowing down and braking the board. Keep the speed not too fast.  2. Lean the body backwards slowly to go backward, and then stand straight and feel slowing down and braking the board.   3. When moving forward or backward, keep the body vertical with board to go forward or backward or stop the board. Put the weight of the body evenly in the center of the pedal to achieve a stable braking.

C: turn: the balance scooter will be in accordance with the direction of your movement and turn. The rotation of the feet to the left or right can make the balance scooter to achieve the corresponding direction of the turn.


D: keep the balance scooter to maintain balance when you are ready to get off the board,, only one foot at a time. Control the body center of gravity, do not shake, especially do not move your body to make the board turn while getting off.

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  • 15 Mar 2018
    What question should be considered? Of course its Safety. Thus, we Koowheel electric skateboards supplier have obtained CE,RoHS,FCC UN38.3 certificates. Just like a car or bike, these electric skateboards additionally should be nicely-maintained with the intention to run smoother. If it probably doesn’t look like every of the electric skateboards that you’ve seen up till now. That same idea now also applies even to issues like skateboards, permitting skaters to do some things they can’t on a normal board, like riding uphill. By now I’m certain that you’ve guessed that this specific skateboard has a small motor inside of it. Batteries, nonetheless, seem to nonetheless be a limiting factor to a majority of fashionable electric skateboard designs. Beforehand, customers who discovered that their electric skateboard would be against the law to journey in the street cancelled their preorder. Roto-band skateboard supplier(Koowheel brand) claims to be the lightest, fastest, and most superior electric skateboard on the planet. Here we provide you with some suggestions on how to make use of electric skateboards securely. There are some really cool electric skateboards on the market and a few of them are quite ingeniously developed. There are skateboards. Range – If touring to work or faculty solely takes ten minutes you then shouldn’t have any issue with it since most skateboards can cover this on a single cost. Based by two skater pals who have been determined to supply the best electric skateboard on this planet, Koowheel Boards are leaders in the sector of electric skateboards. This board does amazingly properly on the off-highway terrain, handling issues that different boards cannot even dream of with ease. Normally one bigger decrease kv motor is enough, it was in my case and climes hills very properly and is the cheaper choice. What do you have to consider earlier than shopping for one? it is the fastest electric skateboard, it is also extremely gentle. How can it's so mild? It may possibly reach a pace of up to 30 km/h and together with the replaceable battery pack, 2pcs battery packs can last 60km, go longer. What is an effective way to determine one of the best electric skateboard for riders, kids and adults? Another spec that tells you this electric skateboard is aimed at adults is the rated output energy of the motor. It is an electronic skateboard that is provided with an electric motor which is used by remote. The remote is very easy to use, however it’s straightforward to operate. The easy-to-use distant management permits a easy acceleration - and even means that you can shift to the backwards mode!
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    You needn’t be associate in Nursing adrenaline-addicted speed fiend to understand the attractiveness of  longboard electrical skateboards. As modes of transportation go, they’re extremely sensible. These boards simply fly on on their own, no kicking needed. They’re as intuitive to regulate as a Segway, however you look a great deal cooler riding one. Even if you never used skateboard, riding an electrical model is easy. You steer it as you’d imagine: to show right, simply lean your weight to the correct. not like ancient skateboards, these items have brakes. to alter your speed, change a wheel, slider or lever on a wireless hand-held remote (similar to the type accustomed throttle a slot car). Besides, you also can  diy electric skateboard according to your personal preference. For example, you can paste your favorite sandpaper pattern. Electric skateboards are fairly original contraptions—and per se aren’t technically legal everyplace nevertheless. You'll de jure ride them in an exceedingly few states, as well as Alabama, Pennsylvania and Virginia. California, within the method of legalizing the boards, is anticipated to reverse a 1977 ban supposed to stay droning, stinky, gas-powered skateboards off the streets. Today’s electrical models are light-weight years prior to those. Due to higher-capacity batteries and economical, brushless motors, they’re as quiet as bicycles and turn out no emissions.   Hop on an remote control skateboard to induce to and from work, and suddenly your commute is way less of a grind. Not like with a motorcycle, you won’t have hassle compressing your board on a subway or train at rush hour; simply tuck it between your legs. And once you attain the workplace, you won’t be all sweating from Associate in Nursing uphill climb. For mens riders, skateboards are a selected boon: we are able to ride well.
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  • 05 May 2016
    Where to get the best and newest design of self balancing scooter?Nowadays, we know that many people, short trips or commuting, will choose an electric self balancing scooter or self balancing electric unicycle even electric bike to travel. Car owners are ready to put in the boot inside a wheelbarrow or hoverboard scooters for a rainy day, or even see a lot of leisure parks, scenic areas, some people use millet balanced car, wheelbarrow travel. Visible in the next five to ten years, there will be at least one or multiple new energy means of transport get into the public life. However, in the past year, hoverboard was very welcomed by most of urban people which as a new fashion and green short-distance transport. Actually, it also bring more convenience for many people.In order to meet the needs of short-distance travel, Koowheel as the top ten hoverboard scooter brand and professional hoverboard manufacturer in China, the company’s products continue to develop innovative and excellent quality obtained highly praised by domestic and foreign custiomer. Recently, there is a new product under develop. It is our honor to introduce it to you. That is new design bluetooth self balancing scooter, some people called smart skateboard also called one wheeled skateboard, inluding 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 Inch Single Wheel hoverboard electric unicycle Drift Skateboard. We believe it must be very fantastic. This is hottest and best hoverboard scooter with bluetooth speaker and led light, let the music follow your footsteps meanwhile enjoy led light in the dark. If you are interested in this product or you would like to know the self balancing scooter price, please click
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  • 21 Jul 2016
    A new type of intelligent vehicle, which is based on the principle of controlling the position of the aviation, using the fuzzy algorithm and the gyroscope system to realize the self balancing scooter, is now becoming a new toy for the young people. Whether it is in the early 20 students or office workers, are loyal fans of this smart balance scooter. The reason why the electric self balancing scooter can be so hot, due to its several features: Cool, energy saving and environmental protection The smart self balancing scooter is a unified use lithium battery power, compared to motor vehicles, charging mode of transportation without any pollution to the air, zero emissions, in line with green travel, and on the balance car appearance is very fashion, riding on the streets will be attracted numerous back rate, which is a lot of young people like it. Small and portableMany people complain about electric cars and bicycles easily stolen,if you don’t want to drive private cars to go out in a short distance, finding a parking space time more than driving time even longer, it is not too worthwhile, so a lot of people had to squeeze the bus or walk. All these problem balancing scooter can solve for you. Average weight of the balance car is 15 kg, you can casually mention to carry away, carry convenience will not worry to be stolen. Go with travel artifact Don't say the car is convenient, the dog can walk in a private car? Would you like to go to the park after dinner? These recreational activities and motor vehicles do not seem to be in a relationship. But is the bike really good? It doesn't seem to be safe to stop the bike. The Self Balancing Smart Scooter can eliminate these problems, highly entertaining ride instead of walk artifact must come in handy, to fill between walking and long distance gap known as the balance  car is the best tool in daily short distance travel . Brain fitness cheap The balance car while seemingly is a new high-tech products, but the self balancing scooter price is really is not high, also is an ordinary smart drifting scooter price, if has discount, its price less than one thousand. A note of caution, don't buy OEM balance scooter, especially those irregular manufacturers who only recruit agents, be sure to choose the regular brand, such as Koowheel. This information comes from
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  • 22 Feb 2016
    Balance scooter is a green car driving tool, because of its high degree of flexibility and portability, since the hoverboard has been widely available on the public's attention, and now the domestic electric scooter’s brands has been very much, for this new things a lot of people still do not quite understand foggy, then the balance car when the purchase should pay attention to what areas?First, the electric hoverboard not to seek cheaper purchase price, a lot of brands in advertising their products trumpeted how cheap, in fact, the cost of technology balance of the car, the cost of production out there, can not appear too cheap products, or mass balance the car is difficult to ensure, so at the time of purchase, the price factor to consider, but should consider the quality and safety can not be too much faith in business advertising.Second, when buy the balance car , technical parameters should be take into consideration, some seemingly the same shape as the car balance, but a far cry from the specific technical parameters, including the balance of the car's battery capacity, maximum load, the car weight, battery life mileage, etc. are very important reference, Koowheel is quite a representative of a domestic self balancing scooter brand line, which has a model of the mileage can reach forty kilometers, which is more durable life models, so in the purchase of When, with the price of cars should also refer to the performance of the car.    Finally, the balance car matching tools which is an important reference for the selection of car balance, are very important tools like auxiliary strap, training wheels, etc. These tools are an important means of preventing the driver were injured. Moreover, the balance of the car after-sales service is very important, Koowheel self balancing scooter are one-year warranty period, which is the product of excellent quality performance, so the balance in the purchase of the car should choose well-known brand products. For more details, please visit .
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  • 02 Feb 2016
    With the development of modern science and technology, recent years , a tool for riding instead of walk was very popular by the people, that wasSelf balance scooter. Because it can be able to bring happiness and convenience to human life, but there are several explosion events of it in USA and UK recently. However, there are several explosion events of it in USA and UK recently. “Koowheel” is a famous brand ofbalance scooterChina. As the biggest supplier of best quality and output in China, now we offer you some tips when you buyelectric scooter. Firstly, charger is one of important element, but how to identify the quality charger? There are some main point you should be considered.   Look at the appearance ,charger manufacturer of Koowheel, it was the private mode(That was his own mold ). Others are generally public mold (namely, anyone can use ). The main power supply IC, charger manufacturer of Koowheel use imported Taiwan original chips , the other is ordinary chips, Compared to ordinary domestic chip will be worse in all aspects), the other is usually made chips. AC seat , charger manufacturer of Koowheel all passed the CCC, UL, VDE , etc., other non- safety regulations, non-standard products. Electrolytic capacitors, charger manufacturer of Koowheel adopt original imported , long lasting(can use 8000h), while the domestic, you can only use up to 3000h.Besides, electrolytic capacitors is smaller than ours. To get more information, please visit “Koowheel “ official
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  • 17 Mar 2016
    Nowadays, the balance scooter as the new darling of the people , because of its cool appearance, high intelligence, high tech, interactive entertainment properties have been given a new definition of "toy".Now more and more players give the children the Self Balancing Scooter as a birthday gifts, and be "toys" concept arose spontaneously. It is not a legalistic style which has become a new trend. It has become a fashion icon of the hottest new toy.So visible, the 2 wheel scooter as a new type of toy is being accepted by everyone, the development of the smart self balancing scooter is not only one way, but also gave user a fresh and new experience. It is very cool to hang out with your good friends. Bring a different experience to go to the class or walk the dog.The balance of the car as an emerging industry, science and technology into the "toy", let us love Smart balance wheel scooter’s cool in the entertainment and play game, is a very wonderful thing.First attention to the electric balance car is in the Bieber MV Justin, at that time because like this song, so I read the MV. I found that he has used Self Balancing Electric Scooter on the dance, the dance have been very nice and cool, the balance car dancers can be said to be the icing on the cake. Also because of this, i am interested in self balancing scooter.For me, I love this hip-hop very much, cool also can connection bluetooth music what the song I love. This is the Bieber is dancing jumped ride on the Self Balancing Smart Scooter : What do you mean. Justin dance, very appealing, especially as Bieber Justin fans, such as myself. For more information about balance scooter, please visit
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  • 05 Feb 2017
    Cover     Remote lights tips: 1.Charge  indicator will be on when charging2.Battery light and Direction indicator on means it’s connected3.BLUE means battery is high RED means battery low4.Direction indicator turn RED when reversed Cover     Get Ready 1. Install the battery correctly, and twist screws2.Turn on the Remote first and then turn on the board to connect.3. Push Forward for acceleration, Pull Back for braking.4. Skateboard battery indicators, 4 lights on means 100%,3. Lights on means 75%, 2 lights means 50%, 1 light means 20% left. Cover     Stance Your Koowheel board has a lot of power. Follow these tips to ensure a safe riding experience: Move the button in small increments. Keep a wide stance on the board, Keep a low center of gravity. Lean forward when accelerating. Lean backwards when braking.     Tips ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET. Find an open, flat area with clean Pavement for your first ride. Read the warnings on the skateboard and at the beginning of this manual. OTHER PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT IS HIGHLY  RECOMMENDED.     Cover Charge the Board and Change Battery packLight on charger will be RED when charging,turn to GREEN after fully charged. Change the battery pack if you ordered extra one.Always remember to tighten the screws.Note: If battery placed a long time, need to be fully charged, and then replenished once a month. Daily Maintenance 1. Check the condition of wheels to make sure it rotates freely before each ride Check the trucks and wheels to make sure all components are firmly tightened. Do not ride the board if you hear any abnormal noise from wheel or motor bearings 2. Always store your board in dry and ventilated locations. Keep away from damp occasions to avoid damage to PCB boards and battery. 3. Only use a Koowheel Charger. Other uncertified chargers may cause safety issues. Battery should always keep in places where temperature under 60Celsius degrees.Charge the battery every 2-3 months when left unused for a long time to avoid permanent damage. Fully charge the battery for the first-time use. Keep the charging environment dry and clean, make sure the charging port is dry before each charge. Never leave board unattended while charging    Attentions 1. Only use the original parts for the board to avoid safety problems.2. Get familiar with the conditions of the brake and make sure it with perfect braking performance.3. Oil the bearings regularly4. Beginners should ride the board with caution in a smooth surface road.5. Avoid wet and over-bumpy road.     Packaging list Electric skateboard *1 Battery *1User manual *1 Charger *1AC power cord *1   LIMITED WARRANTY: Koowheel electric skateboard is covered by one year manufacturer's warranty in USA, two years manufacturer’s warranty in Europe that covers defects in workmanship and material. This does not cover damage caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, accident, or riding in water. Battery warranty is six months. FOR ALL RETURN and WARRANTY SHIPPING: Please keep your shipping box. The warranty does not include damage from shipping in insufficient packaging. RISK OF DEATH OR SERIOUS INJURY Whenever you ride a Koowheel board, you risk death or serious injury from loss of control, collision, and falls.  To ride safely,you must read and follow all warnings and instructions in the manual . Always wear a helmet when riding.  Avoid water, wet  surfaces, slippery/uneven surfaces, steep hills, traffic, cracks, tracks, gravel, rocks, or any obstacles that could cause a loss of traction and cause a fall.  Avoid night riding, areas with  poor visibility, and small spaces. WARNING: Do not ride Koowheel board in environments, on inclines, or at speeds where you would not be safely in control of an  unpowered longboard.  In the event of wireless interferenceor battery fault, you may need to rely on skating techniques like footbraking or sliding to stop. WARNING: AVOID WATER!Your Koowheel board is not water proof. Elec- tronics, bearings, and other components can be damaged. Water damage is not covered under the warranty. WARNING: PINCH POINTS!Keep fingers, hair, and clothing away from belts, motors , wheels, and all moving parts WARNING: RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK!Do not open or tamper with electronics housings, which also voids the warranty. YOU ARE KOOWHEEL: Please ride responsibly and respect those around you, both for your safety and to help promote  our new sport and mode of transportation.
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  • 24 Apr 2016
    On April 15th to 19th, the 119th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) opened in Guangzhou, the international high-end hoverboard scooter brandKoowheel exhibited a variety of self balancing electric scooter products. Koowheel was generally recognized in European and American markets by its industry-leading technical standards, process design excellent and ,gathered exhibitors from around the world so that many foreign merchant come to experience and purchase. On the first day, From the product design to product structure and function, Koowheel self balancing scooter debut attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen’s attention. KOOWHEEL bluetooth self balancing scooter K3 and bluetooth 2 wheel scooter D1, both were gained great concern , while their meticulous design details, also on-site experience won the unanimous endorsement of the user. In Koowheel’s opinion, all starting from the user, without neglecting every design detail, grab what the user need, let products to bring users their attention and care from the brand itself. For this exhibition, not only helps Koowheel further enhance the brand influence, but also promote the Asia customer cooperation relationship under international distribution and the regional exhibition market segments. According to the information, Koowheel smart scooter brand were little expensive than other scooters , but the sales have never gone down,always rank the top in American and European market. It is reported that the America Consumer Federation rated many self balancing scooter supplier on the market, the reported show that Koowheel two wheeled scooter was rated as consumers"the best choice". Behind the impressive performance over years, Koowheel’s original science and technology and the ingenuity insisted: from craftsmen devote themselves to study, research and development of a number of science and technology, industry breakthrough technical problems; technological aspects, each product to achieve the perfect design, called the symbol of high-end manufacturing. Through the Fair, Koowheel electric scooter is expected to walk into more overseas high-end consumers, by drawing the world's first gene technology and process quality excellence, constantly solve consumer pain points, to maximize the interests of users, create best artistic life experience for global sport activists.
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  • 07 Sep 2016
    First of all, wheels are extremely necessary for E-skateboard. Therefore regular checking and maintenance are required for wheels. Especially wheel components should be sensed by hands for its firmness regularly. Way to do it is to shaking wheel along the axis of the wheel, if components shakes then it is considered as loose phenomenon. In order to ensure the safety of riding, we should continue to check the wheel screws’ tightening and only under screw’s fully tightness and the whole assembly’s firmness then we are able to achieve its full operation. Surely the attrition rate should be strictly controlled for a convenient joyful riding experience.Secondly,please put the electric skateboard in dry and ventilated place and do not put under moist and unventilated places when not in use. Long time placed in damp places will cause damped of PCB boards and battery then lead to some troubles. The last, there are always customized needs for E-skateboard, but please do not change chargers arbitrarily when not sure if it's okay. Changing other chargers would lower E skateboard’s safety also reduce battery life. Don't put the battery in places with temperature above 60 degrees and charging the battery every 2-3 month for long-time use to keep the battery saturation. Please fully charge the battery before first use. Due to transport which causes a long time no use of battery so the battery will shows a slow discharge. Please keep a clean and dry charging environment. Charging port when wet. Please do not charge when the charging port us damp. Please charge and store the vehicle based on requirements otherwise it will damage the battery and affect the battery life.Attentions1. Only use the original parts for the board to avoid safety problems.2. Get familiar with the conditions of the brake and make sure it with perfect braking performance.3. Oil the bearings regularly4. Beginners should ride the board with caution in a smooth surface road.5. Avoid wet and over-bumpy road. This information comes from
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