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  • 15 Mar 2018
    What question should be considered? Of course its Safety. Thus, we Koowheel electric skateboards supplier have obtained CE,RoHS,FCC UN38.3 certificates. Just like a car or bike, these electric skateboards additionally should be nicely-maintained with the intention to run smoother. If it probably doesn’t look like every of the electric skateboards that you’ve seen up till now. That same idea now also applies even to issues like skateboards, permitting skaters to do some things they can’t on a normal board, like riding uphill. By now I’m certain that you’ve guessed that this specific skateboard has a small motor inside of it. Batteries, nonetheless, seem to nonetheless be a limiting factor to a majority of fashionable electric skateboard designs. Beforehand, customers who discovered that their electric skateboard would be against the law to journey in the street cancelled their preorder. Roto-band skateboard supplier(Koowheel brand) claims to be the lightest, fastest, and most superior electric skateboard on the planet. Here we provide you with some suggestions on how to make use of electric skateboards securely. There are some really cool electric skateboards on the market and a few of them are quite ingeniously developed. There are skateboards. Range – If touring to work or faculty solely takes ten minutes you then shouldn’t have any issue with it since most skateboards can cover this on a single cost. Based by two skater pals who have been determined to supply the best electric skateboard on this planet, Koowheel Boards are leaders in the sector of electric skateboards. This board does amazingly properly on the off-highway terrain, handling issues that different boards cannot even dream of with ease. Normally one bigger decrease kv motor is enough, it was in my case and climes hills very properly and is the cheaper choice. What do you have to consider earlier than shopping for one? it is the fastest electric skateboard, it is also extremely gentle. How can it's so mild? It may possibly reach a pace of up to 30 km/h and together with the replaceable battery pack, 2pcs battery packs can last 60km, go longer. What is an effective way to determine one of the best electric skateboard for riders, kids and adults? Another spec that tells you this electric skateboard is aimed at adults is the rated output energy of the motor. It is an electronic skateboard that is provided with an electric motor which is used by remote. The remote is very easy to use, however it’s straightforward to operate. The easy-to-use distant management permits a easy acceleration - and even means that you can shift to the backwards mode!
    58895 Posted by Ming Chen
  • 04 Sep 2018
    You needn’t be associate in Nursing adrenaline-addicted speed fiend to understand the attractiveness of  longboard electrical skateboards. As modes of transportation go, they’re extremely sensible. These boards simply fly on on their own, no kicking needed. They’re as intuitive to regulate as a Segway, however you look a great deal cooler riding one. Even if you never used skateboard, riding an electrical model is easy. You steer it as you’d imagine: to show right, simply lean your weight to the correct. not like ancient skateboards, these items have brakes. to alter your speed, change a wheel, slider or lever on a wireless hand-held remote (similar to the type accustomed throttle a slot car). Besides, you also can  diy electric skateboard according to your personal preference. For example, you can paste your favorite sandpaper pattern. Electric skateboards are fairly original contraptions—and per se aren’t technically legal everyplace nevertheless. You'll de jure ride them in an exceedingly few states, as well as Alabama, Pennsylvania and Virginia. California, within the method of legalizing the boards, is anticipated to reverse a 1977 ban supposed to stay droning, stinky, gas-powered skateboards off the streets. Today’s electrical models are light-weight years prior to those. Due to higher-capacity batteries and economical, brushless motors, they’re as quiet as bicycles and turn out no emissions.   Hop on an remote control skateboard to induce to and from work, and suddenly your commute is way less of a grind. Not like with a motorcycle, you won’t have hassle compressing your board on a subway or train at rush hour; simply tuck it between your legs. And once you attain the workplace, you won’t be all sweating from Associate in Nursing uphill climb. For mens riders, skateboards are a selected boon: we are able to ride well.
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  • 05 May 2016
    Where to get the best and newest design of self balancing scooter?Nowadays, we know that many people, short trips or commuting, will choose an electric self balancing scooter or self balancing electric unicycle even electric bike to travel. Car owners are ready to put in the boot inside a wheelbarrow or hoverboard scooters for a rainy day, or even see a lot of leisure parks, scenic areas, some people use millet balanced car, wheelbarrow travel. Visible in the next five to ten years, there will be at least one or multiple new energy means of transport get into the public life. However, in the past year, hoverboard was very welcomed by most of urban people which as a new fashion and green short-distance transport. Actually, it also bring more convenience for many people.In order to meet the needs of short-distance travel, Koowheel as the top ten hoverboard scooter brand and professional hoverboard manufacturer in China, the company’s products continue to develop innovative and excellent quality obtained highly praised by domestic and foreign custiomer. Recently, there is a new product under develop. It is our honor to introduce it to you. That is new design bluetooth self balancing scooter, some people called smart skateboard also called one wheeled skateboard, inluding 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 Inch Single Wheel hoverboard electric unicycle Drift Skateboard. We believe it must be very fantastic. This is hottest and best hoverboard scooter with bluetooth speaker and led light, let the music follow your footsteps meanwhile enjoy led light in the dark. If you are interested in this product or you would like to know the self balancing scooter price, please click
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  • 21 Jul 2016
    A new type of intelligent vehicle, which is based on the principle of controlling the position of the aviation, using the fuzzy algorithm and the gyroscope system to realize the self balancing scooter, is now becoming a new toy for the young people. Whether it is in the early 20 students or office workers, are loyal fans of this smart balance scooter. The reason why the electric self balancing scooter can be so hot, due to its several features: Cool, energy saving and environmental protection The smart self balancing scooter is a unified use lithium battery power, compared to motor vehicles, charging mode of transportation without any pollution to the air, zero emissions, in line with green travel, and on the balance car appearance is very fashion, riding on the streets will be attracted numerous back rate, which is a lot of young people like it. Small and portableMany people complain about electric cars and bicycles easily stolen,if you don’t want to drive private cars to go out in a short distance, finding a parking space time more than driving time even longer, it is not too worthwhile, so a lot of people had to squeeze the bus or walk. All these problem balancing scooter can solve for you. Average weight of the balance car is 15 kg, you can casually mention to carry away, carry convenience will not worry to be stolen. Go with travel artifact Don't say the car is convenient, the dog can walk in a private car? Would you like to go to the park after dinner? These recreational activities and motor vehicles do not seem to be in a relationship. But is the bike really good? It doesn't seem to be safe to stop the bike. The Self Balancing Smart Scooter can eliminate these problems, highly entertaining ride instead of walk artifact must come in handy, to fill between walking and long distance gap known as the balance  car is the best tool in daily short distance travel . Brain fitness cheap The balance car while seemingly is a new high-tech products, but the self balancing scooter price is really is not high, also is an ordinary smart drifting scooter price, if has discount, its price less than one thousand. A note of caution, don't buy OEM balance scooter, especially those irregular manufacturers who only recruit agents, be sure to choose the regular brand, such as Koowheel. This information comes from
    988 Posted by Ming Chen
Sports 375 views Aug 28, 2016
The Report about hoverboard outage people falling down

First, the motor problem

1.A serious shortage of motor power

 Electric balance scooters is different than other forms of vehicles, motor power has two functions: (1) maintain the speed and acceleration; (2) to maintain the balance. The power required to maintain the balance is greater than the power required.
For example, the electric bicycle motor is only used to maintain speed, the motor lost power or power shortage is only unable to speed up or speed is not fast. And the electric self balancing scooter needs to maintain balance every hour, must have enough power margin to maintain a balance in the highest speed in case of an emergency, otherwise it will show the motor lost power lead to fall.

So, under normal circumstances, the electric bicycle 150W can guarantee a 80kg of people 15km/h speed, but the smart balance scooter needs more than 500W to ensure safety. If you want to maintain an instantaneous acceleration and deceleration, need for greater power.  At this stage, there are some serious shortage of motor power of some electric balance motor vehicles, and there is a serious shortage of power. And in order to cater to the user, the speed is too high, resulting in not enough power margin to maintain balance and throw the car. Therefore, we recommend production enterprises: according to the appropriate power of motor speed, increase the margin of power; (2) the maximum speed limit in the 20km / h, also according to different maximum velocities determined motor power.

2.The quality of motor Holzer
3.At present, most of the motors are brushless motors, and Holzer has become an important sensor for the control of the motor. Holzer's quality has become one of the important factors to determine the quality of electric balance scooter.

The main problems: the poor quality of the installation of Holzer; and Holzer wearing process. According to Holzer signal detecting abnormal, no parking security mechanism. The final performance of these problems, once the Holzer signal abnormal, the balance car on the fall. Even low speed or zero speed status will fall.

Therefore, we suggest that production enterprises: strictly control the supplier; the setting detection mechanism to detect the Hall state; 2-3 set emergency handling mechanism to make safe parking.

Second, controller problem

There are two kinds of problems in the design and production process of the controller. Problems existing in the design of controller and high current conditions, interference and leads to the disorder of a system; (2) in order to reduce the cost, choose the PCB manufacturer, production process exist large areas of rosin joint phenomenon.

1. Over current protection of a controller
In general, the controller will have over current protection, such as electric bicycle, when there is a large current output, the controller will reduce the output current, to protect the motor and controller. But for the smart self balancing scooter, current protection may cause body weak or motor disability, performance for the vehicle body can not to maintain the state of equilibrium, lead to the user directly fall. Recommendations: to do a good job in the protection and early warning mechanisms, rather than simply limit the current output.

2. Two MOS tube / fuse burned
In normal riding condition, the working current of the driving plate is in the normal range. When emergency acceleration and deceleration, and over the ridge, platform, etc., there will be a very large current impact, so the impact current if MOS tube or the fuse current exceeds the limit value, have burned the possibility of very large.
3. low power trigger under voltage protection
The output voltage of the battery, encountered large current will have a significant drop in, if the battery design range of normal working voltage is too low, encounter large current, battery voltage reduction may leads to a controller to trigger the undervoltage protection or power output abnormal, resulting in power of the body.
  4. controller process is poor and easy to wear.
In order to reduce costs, supplier quality can not be guaranteed, resulting in production process of rosin joint phenomenon, and production process quality inspection and outgoing quality detection are inadequate.

Third, the battery problem
1. Insufficient discharge performance of a battery
Electric scooter board in the actual use of the process may often encounter very large current, if the battery power shortage of the discharge performance is not enough, can not achieve a large current output, easily lead to a car crash. In addition, large current discharge if the battery voltage is low, weaken the discharge capacity of the battery, no obvious prompt and alarm, urgent user speeding, voltage will quickly pull low, power supply shortage, resulting in crash.
   2.  over current protection value of the battery is too low
In the case of rapid and sharp turns, the electric balance scooter battery discharge, if the battery is too low, it will lead to the car body in the process of cycling to trigger the battery over current protection.
3. battery under voltage protection value is too high
Under normal circumstances, the normal operating voltage of the controller should be higher than the discharge cut-off voltage of the battery. In the normal operating voltage range, the controller's voltage is lower than the discharge cut-off voltage of the battery, it will be very easy to trigger off the battery output, leading to the hoverboard power outages.

4. poor consistency of battery
During cycling, the battery appears over a single section, resulting in battery output off.

The last, the strength of the vehicle

Part of the overall structural design of the balance car is defective, resulting in the strength of the floor is very poor. Through bumpy road and over the stairs, leading to the floor break, a car broke.

Besides, others

There are many kinds of balancing scooter power outages. But the balancing scooter running and other means of transport is not the same. Because the balance car is a kind of system which has high stability requirements of system, requirement on overall product reliability is extremely high, any problem may have lead to imbalance in the balance system, therefore, the requirements of the whole system not only to in product design, production focus on quality, focusing on reliability, and requires the entire system provided enough detection mechanism, makes for products in the operation of any possible problems can be timely detected, and be able to make the product safe parking. This information comes from