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Sports 438 views Mar 27, 2016
Why is still optimistic about the Electric scooter
More and more movies, TV shows and entertainment programs are beginning to appear in one called "electric self balancing scooter" thing, many people have a question, why Chinese companies to start promoting the use of this product blurry scene.

From the principle of operation of the product, due to the car fitted with gravity sensing gyroscope, so that people can make use of the pedals stand in the center of gravity to shift control of the vehicle forward.

From the similar domestic product positioning point of view, we also chose relatively close to the point, the hoverboard scooter is entertaining means of  short-distance transport, so it was this type of product is called Self Balancing Scooter.

The market has just started, so a consensus in the industry is to let the product form in the eyes of users have the impression that the real push brand differentiation stage is actually yet to come. In terms of promoting the product to the public, the use of film and TV product placement, as well as some of the stars of the promotion effect can play effect. The main issue is whether the security clearance. For more information related to the balancing scooter, please visit