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Consciousness & Awareness 38 views Aug 08, 2018
Learn Automatic Writing
Automatic Writing is the process by which an individual will transcribe spiritual messages without being conscious of what they are writing. This is not an activity limited only to persons with natural or developed psychic powers. This is an activity anyone can learn. All it takes is a little coaching and lots of practice.

may thuy binhWhen attempting to communicate with spirits it is a good idea for you to schedule "sessions", or "appointments" to communicate with your spirits. These appointments should be consistent - same time of day, same length of time - unless of course you're on a roll! The consistency will make it easier for your spirits to communicate with you. It takes a lot of energy for a spirit to communicate to you in any form, let alone the amount of energy it is going to take to move your hand across the paper.

It is very important for you to be calm, relaxed and patient. As previously stated the spirits use a lot of energy to come through so you need to make it as easy for them as possible. Consistency of appointments is one way but also keeping your mind clear, relaxed and open for them to channel through is of key importance. You will block them if you are not open to them. Spirits try to communicate to us everyday, through many ways, yet most of the time it goes ignored because people are too caught up in their own activities, thoughts and emotions.

The space you occupy while practicing automatic writing needs to be private, quiet and comfortable. Make sure you won't be disturbed, whether by people, noises or any other distraction. Focus is key as with most challenges, and the benefits you will reap when successful are too immense to verbalize.

Remember to keep a journal of your transmissions. This will be helpful to you during your future sessions as well as help you understand what you had communicated about and help you to validate it. Oftentimes there will be more that one spirit trying to get through so keeping all your records will definitely help clear up any confusion.

Ask simple questions at first. Allow both, or all of you to warm up. Maybe have a series of questions ready in your head that you would like answered and verbalize them. Speak your questions out loud.

Automatic Writing has been around for centuries. It is a great medium from which to communicate to spirits that doesn't involve some ingrained natural ability that only few possess. It is something anyone can master and it really works! Make it work for you!

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