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Entertainment 253 views Feb 19, 2016
Hengda removed 24 hours after arrival in Morocco

(Reporter Li Bin) Guangzhou Hengda  in Beijing on Dec. 9 multiplied by plane to Paris, France, he experienced a 24-hour journey, and finally arrived in Agadir, Morocco. Despite the long flight to make FIFA 16 players feel tired, coach Marcello Lippi still stay at the hotel after a meal immediately led the ultimate team in training. Guangzhou Hengda The visit Agadir transit journey via Paris, while in Guangzhou, take the flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, is already 6:00 am local time. Since the flight path of the special, Guangzhou Hengda need to take the bus from Charles de Gaulle Airport to Paris Orly International Airport and another, and then after three hours of flight to arrive Agadir. Guangzhou Hengda has at Charles de Gaulle airport were delayed because of long waiting time for baggage, so the ultimate team is rush hour when Paris went to ultimate team coins Orly airport, originally from Charles de Gaulle airport to Orly airport as long as one hour, Guangzhou Hengda but it took almost two hours. In France local time around at 12:00 on December 9, Guangzhou Hengda only take a flight to Agadir and arrived at around 16:00 local time. Guangzhou Hengda trip there are several 'companion' - the hole card  wife Paula, his son Benjamin, together with the ultimate team took the opportunity to arrive in Paris, but in order not to affect the Conca alive Club Cup , Paula and Benjamin in Paris and the hole card to separate the two direct flight back to Brazil. After Guangzhou Heng probably Agadir, success in the FIFA (FIFA) to arrange shuttle bus at check-in to the hotel, FIFA ultimate team this arrangement is to live in the seaside luxury five-star hotels, and Guangzhou Hengda has 50 suites, all coaches and FIFA 16 players have a single suite. Guangzhou Hengda but did not enjoy these benefits immediately, in order to allow the ultimate team to adjust the time difference and the state as soon as possible into the FIFA 16 game, Lippi ordered the FIFA 16 players are after the end of the meal to the stadium to resume training. Hengda Stadium in Agadir first training session in order to restore the main, Lippi and the FIFA 16 players are very relaxed, Lippi personally arranged instrument in the venue, but also in training the FIFA 16 players talking and laughing. Of course, the spotlight is the hole card when he arrived in Paris already know that next season will accompany Fluminense Brazil Serie B campaign, but this did not affect the mood of the hole card, he laughed quite happy in training.