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  • 07 Aug 2015
    Guys, I know Div 1 is broken as shit, I know every other game is against a disconnect glitcher and that playing in Div 2 is actually a lot more fun, but let's be honest for a minute, it's not only coin farmers who are cheating anymore, here's my experience today:   I played 6 matches, out of which I lost one which I ragequit (it was laggy, I was annoyed), the other 5 only one match reached full time, the other four the opponents did the 'cheat engine' glitch in the second half when it was apparent they were losing, this is simply pathetic, you guys obviously want to play football and not just glitch for Fifa coins, there is no excuse for this kind of behavior.   The creme de la creme was against a guy from my own country who had an insane team with TOTY Iniesta, TOTY Ramos, MOTM Sanchez, SIF Silva and MOTM Toure who disconnect glitched early in the second half when I increased the lead to 3-0, it's just pathetic, you have your great team, you got outplayed by a worse team, don't be a loser and either ragequit regularly or play the match to completion.     Be the change you want to see guys and you know what, Div 2 is about 4 times as fun as Div 1 anyway so it's not such a big deal losing a few games and getting relegated.   I think it's time to have a post for publicly shaming disconnect glitchers and Fifa 16 coins farmers, something needs to be done and if EA can't fix their game we, the players, need to do something about it.
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  • 07 Aug 2015
    Replays Why they removed it? Who the hell knows?Custom training I'd love to train some free kicks outside of the game.Custom tactics working in FUT They write themselves few days ago, that it doesn't work as intended.   Fixing goalkeepers I don't need to explain anything here.Fixing Latency Connection between you and your opponent has 3 green bars? No worry you still might lag after the game start.Fixing non-existant fouls Hands of controller, and ref is giving opponent a foul???   Fixing high pressure High pace, high pressure, so easy to get the ball back. Football don't look like that in every game.Fixing one touch short passes Technical abilites doesn't matter, you can 1 touch shprt pass with every team without any mistake.   Fixing offsides Your offside players stopped, but your second non-offside player was running and ref stopped the game?Fixing DNF multiplayer Getting DNF after your opponent DC'ed?   Fixing game speed Game is too fast, I know it's arcade, but it's at least 30% faster than real life football.   Fixing game servers x   Fixing scripting There are times, when you can clearly see, that nothing you would like to do, is not gonna happen, because the script god decided for you what will ahppen next. Fixing handicapping I understand that sometimes, worse team need morale boost while facing stroner opponents, but they would never be equally skilled as them, and it feels like it's opponent team is laking vigor to play.Fixing pace Pace whores 4ever. No.     Removing chemistry I can't build my dream team, If I'm limited by league and nationalities.   Fighting with trainers on PC Div 1 on PC is joke.Fixing Fifa 16 coins glitch That's why market sucked for first 6 months after release.Fixing season/cups blocked glitch Your oponnent rage quitted, during game? We will block your tournament/season and you won't be able to use it ever.Add new modes to FUT 1 Season and 1 special cup per 2 weeks is not enough.   Fixing pack price Price can't be compared to what we would most likelt find inside.   Fixing stamina 120 minutes with finger on spirnt button? No problem.Skipping replays If I would want to watch some in game footage, I would go to youtube, not during game time.   Fixing disconnect glitch Oponnent disconnected, you got no Fifa coins, no season points, and got a dnf? Your welcome.   Fixing cup rules You won special cup but you did it in penalties, no prize for you.   Fixing pause There is no changes unless game is stopped, why we can pause while we have the ball?   Even if they would fix all those things (which I doubt), I'm sure there would be tone more things that they will fuxk up next edition.
    354 Posted by fifa16coinsfut
  • 24 Sep 2018
    Hey guys, welcome back to MapleStory, the most effective site for MapleStory Mesos, news and guides. How do you feel with Kanna talent balance changes? Are these modifications acceptable and affordable? How do you like Kanna in the game? Would you make use of a Kanna now, soon after these balance adjustments? From its original concept, Kanna is meant to be a bossing mage. Which provided some aid to boss fights with all the use of its barriers, sakura's falling healing and its two binds. Nevertheless, the time has passed, the game has developed and Kanna nevertheless feels a little from a char stuck in the past. A purpose possibly its scaling became very sturdy from Haku's Blessing. KANNA Benefits and drawbacksPros*Share your pros on this job!*Rapidly Leveling with storyline quests.No MP essential (saves mana potions), producing it quick to save meso.Have skills that replenish HP regularly as you battle with Haku.Higher damage and Highest HP among Magicians. Rapidly attack speed.Has three abilities that hit the entire screen.Extended Variety Teleport in comparison with other mages (similar to Luminous/Phantom).Mount is dirt cheap at 100KHas high availability of fantastic gear.Summons that boost spawn price.Best looking ability animations by far and fairly superior looking weapons.Quite a few beneficial expertise and has an amazing map manage at the third job. Cons*Share your cons on this job!*Want to micro handle Spiritual Energy upon reaching 3rd Job.Spiritual Energy runs out relatively swiftly but replenishes at a decent price.1st and 2nd Job training are kind of boring as most skills have a cooldown timer. Sakura's Falling:Sakurás Falling is actually a talent which can heal the party upon hitting the boss. In lots of situations exactly where you require healing the boss is typically not close enough to work with to heal or at certain bosses, it's giving harm reflect. Downsides of Sakura Falling at present is its higher mana price, high delay upon working with the ability and incredibly compact hitbox for your celebration to create users on the heal. Suggested adjust: Reduce cooldown, be able to heal even though not having to hit a boss/mob and reduced delay and mana price. A little additional within the style of Raven Storm (Demon Slayer). Blossom BarrierUsing the introduction of attacks from bosses only carrying out fixed harm or % HP attacks this ability became speedily outdated. Kanna has no protection against such attacks, where a lot of other classes has either % HP protection abilities or abilities giving iframes, making you able to ignore damage for a short though. By producing this barrier function on % HP attacks as suggested in the post above I think this talent can as soon as again flourish! Veritable PandemoniumInside the early days of Kanna, two bind abilities where pretty handy and you had been in a position to stack them up providing additional bind duration. Using the release of 5th job it is possible to no longer stack binds as well as a bind talent was introduced as common talent from a node. A different concern with this skill is that after you cast it, you might be unable to move for about 3s making you vulnerable for attacks, normally at Magnus you get hit by 1 of its meteors and your die. So there are 2 selections for this ability, sustain it because it is and adds an iframe effect for the ability when casting this talent. Another alternative is replacing this talent fully for a new attacking ability you could activate after every single 10 seconds. OrochiOrochi can be a useful mobbing skill but its cast duration is extremely lengthy creating its only doable to mob with and tank the harm you receive meanwhile and creating its not possible to utilize in a boss fight. Lead to utilizing this ability makes you so vulnerable for attacks, adding an iframe to this attack or lowering its cast delay could be pretty helpful. Ether PulseEther Pulse is Kannas teleport talent. Its range and distance and making you teleport to the next platform is all fine, having said that it features a long delay upon casting, creating you quite slow and at instances unable to prevent an attack. Lowering its cast delay is suggested and/or adding new mobility capabilities to create Kanna avoid incoming attacks, given that it is a squishy class. Haku's BlessingNow let us speak about Kannas most important buff Haku's Blessing. From origin, Kanna is usually a class with a pretty handful of buffs, like Shade trigger Haku is casting the majority of your buffs. As lots of you have got noticed, no matter how you transform Haku's Blessing the talent is going to be a too significant effect on the party and there will be often someone complaining. Also, there is certainly completely no have to have to share Kanna's 80% stance and IED effect together with the party. This ability was in the past a self-buff and its very best left there. Also in case you have far more than 1 Kanna inside your party, Haku's Blessing will override each other and also you wind up together with the weaker buff in the two. A thing extremely undesirable and canceling Haku is no selection since you nonetheless wanna make use with the other buffs Haku grants you. We want these experts to be adjusted in order that we can use an extra balanced as well as much more competitive Kanna talent in MapleStory,
    297 Posted by fifa16coinsfut
  • 27 Feb 2018
    In the Bestiary League, you will have the option to complete 40 new challenges and earn exclusive microtransaction rewards! At 12, 24 and 36 challenges you will earn the Bestiary Helmet, Bestiary Wings and Bestiary Portal respectively. Completing challenges also grants you pieces of the Bestiary Totem Pole Hideout decoration. Assassin was the one I was looking forward to most, but now that that's addressed, I have a few others to look forward to: Champion - It never really left much of an impression on me. Just a bunch of stats and fortify (more stats), nothing more. Gladiator - The old gladiator tree was... awkward. My guess is that this is one of those who get 7 options. Elementalist - Let's admit it, this one was a clusterfuck. Why golem stuff here? Why all those temporary effects? Another one of those that might get the 7 option treatment. Occultist - Hoping for curse penetration and... SOMETHING. Not sure what that something is, but to me Occultist was lacking some oomph. Saboteur - Most other classes somehow did better what the saboteur was intended to do. Even worse once tinkerskin came out. Trickster - Again, always felt like something was missing. Especially with weave the arcane feeling useless once the channeling skills came out. I can also see some changes happening to both patient reaper and the shade form branch. Also, most looking forward to - scion, definitely.Because of the wording GGG used, Ascendant is in a tricky position. GGG wants every ascendancy to feel unique. Current Scion, in theory, supposed to do this, because there are so many combinations that she can choose from, providing the synergies other classes can't. In reality, very few of those combinations are actually good, and even those that are just make Scion builds, for the most part, a worse version of same build using X ascendancy. Everything ranger - I really wonder how they're going to balance these. Raider onslaught felt useless and Pathfinder almost always outperformed Deadeye. Not sure how GGG wants to balance a flask based ascendency... it's a VERY slippery slope imo. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of cheap path of exile items online.
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Personal 660 views Dec 18, 2017
Why PoE Is Still The Best RPG of 2017?

I’m not sure there’s a more dangerous, time-consuming diversion in gaming than a good ARPG and Path of Exile [official site] is a very good ARPG. It doesn’t have the dynamic world of a Soldak release or the exquisite polish and crunch of Diablo III, but after playing for more hours than I care to mention, I’m still peeling back layers of the character system. In many RPGs, characters become more fixed as they grow but in Exile, a high-level character is a broader foundation for possible builds rather than a specialist. But, you may have your own favorites in the ARPG genre that you feel are better than PoE. However, we’re almost sure you can agree that Path of Exile is one of the best RPGs of 2017. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

1) The Game Still Gets Regular Updates And Expansions

Not too many video game makers would push out updates and expansions to their popular titles several years after they were released. But thanks to the faithful fanbase Path of Exile has, Grinding Gear regularly rolls out updates to the game, as well as expansions that don’t just add to the story, but also introduce new features, new items, and new in-game mechanics.

2) There Is So Much Customization Available

Moving onto the gameplay itself, one reason why Path of Exile can be called the best RPG of 2013 is the fact that there are myriad ways to customize your character through loot drops. The loot system is one of the best things about PoE for many players, and you’ll notice right away that there’s so much to collect, even if you completely discount weapons and armor. The folks at Grinding Gear appear to have riffed on an idea first put into action by Blizzard when they released Diablo II — the idea of items with sockets where you can place gems, thereby enhancing the item or changing its effects.

When we say riffing on the concept of socketed items, we’re talking about how Path of Exile allows you to receive items with colored sockets via loot drops, with the smaller items placed in those sockets not only improving the main item, but also allowing players to gain new abilities. In other words, this makes the main item more functional, instead of simply being more powerful in one way or another.

That’s not the only customization element worth noting here, as the items you use could also dictate the types of enemies you face in certain areas. And when it comes to leveling up your characters, this results in your characters improving their stats, as opposed to unlocking new skills. It’s the items you use that determine the skills of your characters, which means leveling up and gaining more experience does what it should theoretically do in the real world, which is to improve any number of attributes.

3) PoE Is Still Free

Getting the obvious out of the way, we should start out by saying that Path of Exile is still a free-to-play title four years later. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing the original PC version or the Xbox One version, or what version of the game you’ve currently got installed. Many free-to-play titles are sorely lacking despite the initial promise, and those that are promising often tend to come with a hidden catch, i.e. microtransactions which you’ll need to buy Path of Exile orbs in order to get a leg up on the competition. These games are often referred to as “freemium” games, though if you take away the positive scripting, you might as well call a spade a spade and call these titles “play-to-win.”

That’s not the case with Path of Exile, and that’s one reason why it deserves consideration to be the best RPG of 2017. There’s no need to pay for packages, in-game items, or any other microtransaction if you want to do well. And while there are microtransactions, these do not, in almost all cases, have any bearing on actual in-game performance. They’re mostly there for aesthetic purposes, so if you want to focus on actually dominating on the battlefield, you can ignore the cosmetic details and enjoy great success playing PoE without spending a single cent of your hard-earned money.

What do you think Path of Exile Still The Best RPG of 2017? We’d like to hear what you think of PoE in its fourth year. In addition, if you want to know about Path of Exile guide, you can visit our website

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