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  • 03 May 2015
    Today I will show you some useful class guide in the game, which may help you to save some ArcheAge Gold. I can't seem to structure the main thread to look a bit more managable there, so I'm going to use this thread for detailed descriptions on each class.   This build plays a lot like a Hexblade, but drops stastical defense for self sustain. You have a lot of knockdown potential if you can time your snares in conjunction of your first swing of Triple Slash, but outside of combo CC you will be using Witchcraft as your main source of control. One possible variation would to drop 2 points else where to pick up Augmented Witch for the instant cast Mudhand, opening up the possibility with a fast enough attack speed to do a Enverate-> (Snare)-> (Stun)-> Mudhand for a boosted heal with an added DoT.     Weapon swaping is where this build will seperate the good from the great. If timing weapon swap GCD properly you can switch to club/weapon when healing and resalvaged katana/weapon when throwing Enverate/Mudhand/Focal Concussion. If that's way too much to handle for you, then swaping between a 2h weapon and a greatclub when healing should work fairly well too.   The problems you may see with this build is when you are fighting against those that can kite very well. It isn't impossible, but you will need to manage your CC breaks and gap closers very well. You don't have the ability to bunker down like a Hexblade when out of range, so I would suggest you attempt to LoS and heal to lure the kiter to move in on you.   In group play this build allows you to off-heal when your healer can not or relieve stress from your healer by healing yourself, allowing them to focus on others. Your job will be waiting for oppurtune time to catch someone into a CC lock by you and coordinating lock outs through your Bubble/Lassitude, and peeling anyone who tries to catch your team mates.
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  • 16 May 2015
    Runesscape is a popular MMORPG game, gamers can explore the Runesscape world - Gielinor in the game. Of course, if you have more RS Gold, you will be more powerful, even rule the world one day.   It's no doubt that attack is very important in the game, which is the key to defeat the bosses. Below is some Runescape attack classes guides:   If you select the body icon (in the above picture), you'll see the equipment you are wearing. At the bottom of the body menu, you should find a button labeled "Show Equipment Stats". Clicking that button will pop up a box showing what you're wearing, an enlarged picture of yourself, and your stats. For now, we'll only discuss the Attack Bonuses, but you'll also see Defence Bonuses.     Attack Bonuses will give you more power with attacks of that type. So for instance, in the above picture there is an added +98 attack bonus for Slash attacks. This means that the Dragon Scimitar is a good Slashing Weapon. The higher the bonus, the better a weapon is when using that attack style.   Stab - a penetrating attack, common with Daggers. Effective against chainmail. Slash - a very common "swiping" attack. Effective against light armor like robes or Dragonhide. Crush - a common attack with Maces, Hammers and Mauls. It's very effective against heavy armor like platemail. Magic - often negated by armor and weapons, but can be increased with staffs. Allows you to hit harder with Magic. Ranged - Often negated by full helmets and armor. It allows you to hit harder with ranged equipment. Strength - This effects how hard you hit. Better metals will give higher strength bonuses.
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Other 1,068 views Jun 24, 2015
FIFA 16: Different Opinions

This is from a thread I made in FIFA 16 GD, I am sure my opinions will differ to people who only play FUT though.


1. Collection book: Some sort of collection book, there is a rumour that EA can’t do it because of copyright but somehow work it because it is an essential feature.
2. Position changes: You should be able to play players in multiple positions on full chem. For example David Luiz could play in CB and CDM. This could be done by swiping across on a players’ position to all other available positions that that player can play.
3. Kit and badge creator: Simple as it sounds. There should be templates though so that people don’t just draw a penis. You could also add a sponsor (Sponsor options could be the EA logo, the FIFA Ultimate team logo and EA partners)
4. Stadium creator: Now why all this customization? Because FUT is designed to make your own club, but right now it doesn’t at all feel like you own the club. There should be a stadium creator not within FUT but in FIFA or even online (I will get to that later). As you move up the divisions you have a max capacity for your stadium.


5. Make TOTW an actual TOTW, not just who scores. Maybe team up with a website like whoscored and just use ratings of players
6. Bigger bonuses for winning games and winning cups
7. Remove minimum price cap and just keep the maximum if that is absolutely needed to stop coinsellers.
8. Rewards for playing the game, e.g. if you score 100 goals with a player you earn a certain amount of coins
9. I know it is very hard, but stop coinsellers and bots which are ruining the market
10. Reduce the price of FIFA points
11. Chemistry should build over time, if you play every 50 games you play with the same line up every players chem should go up by 
12. Wagers
13. Legends on Playstation
14. If a legend is on the game, they should be on there from the start not released in bloody June


Career Mode (Manager)
15. Online career mode, an obvious one
16. You should be able to edit your kit at the end of the season to add badges if you get promoted/relegated. Not able to edit the actual shirt though.
17. A LOT more cutscenes, such as when signing a player or a pre match press conference
18. More in depth editing of your and manager and the camera panning to him
19. The ability to respond to players complaints or praise
20. Training: You could tell a player what he needs to improve specifically to start matches
21. Stadium creator, like I said before not in CM but in the menus. You should be able to ask the board for a new stadium and if accepted they will give you a list of options that you have made/downloaded. You move in at the start of the next season. If playing as a team without a real stadium you can just move in at the start of your game.
22. More varied transfers


23. Get rid of the May bump for youth academy players, they should progress equally throughout the whole season.
24. A reserve squad, the assistant could give you ratings of player performances so if they are doing well there you can push them up to the first team
25. World player of the year award (I think someone else has Ballon d’or rights)
26. Pre-season tours, you could choose from a list of what nations you want to tour if you are a big club and earn money, if you are a small club you could earn money by attracting a huge club
27. In friendlies you should be able to have 12+ subs and make unlimited changes
28. Team talks
29. Transfer money should carry over
30. It should not be so easy to make money, when I play with Tottenham I can always afford Bale by season 3. You buy like Benteke for 20m and then he bangs them in and you get 80m
31. FIFA Club World Cup



32. A trophy room
33. Being able to drop in simmed games like you used to be able to
34. Being able to hire staff like you used to be able to
35. A short pre match show with analysis by Jeff Stelling, Gary Neville and Jamie Redknapp etc if you are in the EPL. They would talk about form and who the favourite is.
36. An all time stats feature
37. Player of the Year awards at the end of the season
38. Improve the graphics of the trophy celebrations when you win a CL, it is dreadful and make the commentators more hyped
39. There is a thread about improving the champions cup and euro cup, all of that


Be a pro
40. Reserve league matches
41. Starting on the bench, you could start on the bench and watch the game at fast forward. You would have to warm up and if you don’t you risk injury.
42. Cut scenes, interviews, decisions, you know like the stuff in my player
43. Being able to choose cheap Fifa 16 coins you want, every match you could get points which could be allocated to stats
44. More customization of your player, ¾ sleeves is a good idea
45. Being able to communicate better with your manager and ask for game time etc


46. More stadiums, hopefully a stadium from each league at minimum
47. Improve the lighting
48. Improve stadium detail or at least let people change it with the new stadium editor
49. More scanned faces or the ability to put gamefaces in
50. Using the stadium editor, the ability to put flags and banners on fans in the game, eg for AC Milan the ‘Curva Sud’ banner or the Crystal Palace ‘Fanatics’ banner
51. Different tifos from fans
52. Pyro in the crowd
53. Poznan is in the game but you see it for like a second, should continue for a minute. Also there a few other sides that do it eg Western Sydney Wanderers
54. Celtic don’t do YNWA for some unknown reason


55. Clock should continue after 90th minute
57. Advertise pro clubs more, barely hear about it
58. CPU barely ever scores great goals, should shoot from range more
59. CPU doesn’t play to the teams style, you should FEEL like you are playing against Barca
60. Add more leagues
61. Goalkeepers….
62. Take the pace of the game down a notch
63. Mutual quit would be awesome for online
64. Dynamic weather
65. Bring back EA tracks so you can import your own music and chants
66. Fix handball bug
67. Players are too far away from each other when they walk out
68. Improve the player models
69. More variation in commentary, sick of hearing the same thing
70. Bring in a difficulty between Pro and WC, I am on legendary now but the gap between those two is way too big.

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