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  • 03 May 2015
    Today I will show you some useful class guide in the game, which may help you to save some ArcheAge Gold. I can't seem to structure the main thread to look a bit more managable there, so I'm going to use this thread for detailed descriptions on each class.   This build plays a lot like a Hexblade, but drops stastical defense for self sustain. You have a lot of knockdown potential if you can time your snares in conjunction of your first swing of Triple Slash, but outside of combo CC you will be using Witchcraft as your main source of control. One possible variation would to drop 2 points else where to pick up Augmented Witch for the instant cast Mudhand, opening up the possibility with a fast enough attack speed to do a Enverate-> (Snare)-> (Stun)-> Mudhand for a boosted heal with an added DoT.     Weapon swaping is where this build will seperate the good from the great. If timing weapon swap GCD properly you can switch to club/weapon when healing and resalvaged katana/weapon when throwing Enverate/Mudhand/Focal Concussion. If that's way too much to handle for you, then swaping between a 2h weapon and a greatclub when healing should work fairly well too.   The problems you may see with this build is when you are fighting against those that can kite very well. It isn't impossible, but you will need to manage your CC breaks and gap closers very well. You don't have the ability to bunker down like a Hexblade when out of range, so I would suggest you attempt to LoS and heal to lure the kiter to move in on you.   In group play this build allows you to off-heal when your healer can not or relieve stress from your healer by healing yourself, allowing them to focus on others. Your job will be waiting for oppurtune time to catch someone into a CC lock by you and coordinating lock outs through your Bubble/Lassitude, and peeling anyone who tries to catch your team mates.
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  • 16 May 2015
    Runesscape is a popular MMORPG game, gamers can explore the Runesscape world - Gielinor in the game. Of course, if you have more RS Gold, you will be more powerful, even rule the world one day.   It's no doubt that attack is very important in the game, which is the key to defeat the bosses. Below is some Runescape attack classes guides:   If you select the body icon (in the above picture), you'll see the equipment you are wearing. At the bottom of the body menu, you should find a button labeled "Show Equipment Stats". Clicking that button will pop up a box showing what you're wearing, an enlarged picture of yourself, and your stats. For now, we'll only discuss the Attack Bonuses, but you'll also see Defence Bonuses.     Attack Bonuses will give you more power with attacks of that type. So for instance, in the above picture there is an added +98 attack bonus for Slash attacks. This means that the Dragon Scimitar is a good Slashing Weapon. The higher the bonus, the better a weapon is when using that attack style.   Stab - a penetrating attack, common with Daggers. Effective against chainmail. Slash - a very common "swiping" attack. Effective against light armor like robes or Dragonhide. Crush - a common attack with Maces, Hammers and Mauls. It's very effective against heavy armor like platemail. Magic - often negated by armor and weapons, but can be increased with staffs. Allows you to hit harder with Magic. Ranged - Often negated by full helmets and armor. It allows you to hit harder with ranged equipment. Strength - This effects how hard you hit. Better metals will give higher strength bonuses.
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Business 416 views May 17, 2015
Do you know other ways to play Runescape

If you are die-hard Runescape fan, who always spend money on RS Gold, you must know that there are many other ways to play Runescape, such as EoC/Legacy Mash Up, a set of interface and gameplay options fresh out of the beta.


Previously, you had the choice of playing RuneScape with the Evolution of Combat system and complex, customisable interfaces, or in Legacy Mode, with old-style, low-intensity combat and traditional, fixed interfaces.



Now, you can pick and choose your favourites in any of four combinations, straight from the Combat Settings interface:


Evolution of Combat and New Interface System
Evolution of Combat and Legacy interfaces
Legacy combat and New Interface System
Legacy combat and interfaces


Enjoy! This is just the first of a number of updates coming your way from the current round of beta testing. If you haven't already, visit for more Runescape guides, which may help you. It's the best way to have your say in some of RuneScape's most crucial updates.