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  • 15 Apr 2015
    9133 Posted by hongminote
  • 03 Sep 2015
     At this time, the effect of exposure compensation is reflected, for white majority subject scene, we can appropriately increase when shooting a exposure compensation, main body www.meizu-mx5.comcolor of white will be closer to the true pure white. And vice versa, black majority subject scenes, can reduce a appropriate exposure compensation made by the object closer to pure black color.   Above is the author used the Canon EOS 700 d actual pictures, the first white OPPO mobile phone did not adjust the exposure compensation during the filming, of mobile phone grey color. Added a second is taken after exposure compensation, you can see the color of the mobile phone basic close to HDC mobilethe original color. , during the filming of a pure black Nubia phone started without adjusting exposure compensation, the black phone to grey environment at the same time fully revealed no details. Second reduces a exposure compensation, the effect is slightly better but the color is still not correct, finally reduce the two basic reduction exposure compensation to the true color.   So, is this a set of theory for mobile phones for? The answer is yes. Users in the cell phone photos, if you encounter (contrast) larger than light scene can also through adjusting exposure compensation to make overall coordination.   Above these photos were taken in the great hall of the office,HDC S6 the first photo shot in automatic mode, you can see behind due to the strong light, rockery overall high brightness led to lack of details. In this case, reduce a exposure compensation shoot again we found that the details of the rockery got more show.
    574 Posted by hongminote
  • 17 Apr 2015
       Endurance test Play 4X glory with a Chilean electricity 2.0 power saving technology, like very Duo Anzhuo machine like it has a built-saving software. In the power management features which we can see a super power, smart power and general power of these three technologies, the official claimed that the glory Play 4X super power saving mode in the life of up to seven days.    Phone's back cover can be removed using the built-in battery is not removable design, but the battery capacity of 3000mAh, satisfy most users. In the intelligent power-saving mode after using for some time, I feel the glory 4X Play at normal strength to adhere to one and a half days of battery life. Their applications for lightweight, power control is good, pictures, Internet, much of the power of listening. To sum up Glory Play 4X models with ultra-thousand-level strength in the configuration, 64 eight-core chip unicorn 620 + 2GB RAM combination also full of confidence in the experience and not worse than the high-end flagship models. 5.5 inches screen with a resolution of 720P, although the sophistication compare 2K screen has a gap, but the display has also been satisfactory.
    571 Posted by hongminote
  • 27 Aug 2015
       Next, the author also try a 2 "angry birds", "stunt bikes: the front", "plants vs zombies 2: sand waves" and other games. Among them, the "angry birds" 2 degree and animated imagesHDC Note 4 of exquisite experience is the best, not "stunt bikes: the front" fluency excellent make motorcycle special action operation experience.   Run the game at the same time the author also pay attention to the feelings of the Galaxy A8 of fever. Because it is the design of the metal shell, in large-scale operation of the game after a period of time, can feel the rise of temperature, concentrated near the border. But the Galaxy A8, with good thermal meizu mx5 priceconductivity of metal case can conduct heat evenly to the phone around, will not result in a certain position concentrated overheating caused by mobile phone "stuck", but also because the metal shell good heat dissipation, even if the long running game also won't produce hot feeling.   Cut the fruit comparison test of cell phone game fluency and the sensitivity of touch screen, the two performance in the process of the game will have obvious feedback. The samsung Galaxy A8 screen in the process of cutting fruit fluency is very high, very few fingers across could not be cut.    Run temple run 2 mobile phone has very good fluency, otherwise appear caton may be slightly behind catch up with the monsters. Actual tests, both sliding and swinging, the Galaxy A8 can give a good response,meizu m2 in addition to load the game need a long time for the first time, running smoothness is good. 
    559 Posted by hongminote
Business 205 views Jul 19, 2015
In general, the 6th creation of new APU - Carrizo, impressive

   Video play-back battery power increased dramatically, Carrizo for high-definition movie platform to accomplish more than 50% of the energy intake is reduced, which is more than 60% from the Si energy reduction. meizu mx5 priceIn practical applications, AMD give full consideration to the user demand, and China's leading movie player manufacturer thunder and storm movie cooperation, based on support HEVC/h. 265 hardware decode Carrizo APU, develop fluency can play 4 k hd movie player.

  Compared with the predecessor, UVD 6.0 is also focusing on the effect of rise, more processing energy to handle 4 k content. Due to the increase in understanding data transfer useage, CarrizoAPU in 1080 p movie understanding, time required to just a creation ago Kaveri 1/4 of the APU, between the structure and the structure can spare more meizu mx5 reviewa chance to make the machine nonproductive, thus decreasing energy intake.
   In the work of the circuit, firmware, and software factors, Carrizo is able to use nonproductive 3/4 time between structure and structure, make whole processor, processing unit remain closed, turn it into a great save energy intake. This dynamic UVD energy gating, energy management, be able to add and a half hours of battery power movie play-back. 
   AMD graphics efficiency capability not only with regards to hd movie play-back, in the visual factors of the game can also bring unprecedented to experience for the user. The 6th creation of A series of high-performance mobile accelerated Carrizo take the lead to get the HEVC/h. 265 standard, can under the same data transfer useage to provide users with higher quality, more stable hd movie network. Simultaneously, as in the past half of the energy intake of it clip understanding, and bring laptop movie play-back longer battery power.
   In general, the 6th creation of new APU - Carrizo, impressive with regards to energy-efficiency of rise, while greatly decreasing energy intake, has brought the new top rated, security, meizu mx5 specsmovie play-back, and other fields, at some point with unique features.

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