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Business 213 views Jul 16, 2015
YotaPhone2 ink display touch board outside and corning gorilla

   In efficient factors, although I will this page was described as "the most powerful studying books I", however YotaPhone2 e-ink displays on the front and rear display can realize the function meizu-mx5.comof the same, that is we can through the returning of the display to function cellular cellphone, simply because the problem of the renew rate is too low, so the real visible impact may be restricted by certain impact.
   In regard of program, the e-book is absolutely one of the main power of the current digital ink display is mainly used in the field, and secondly as customized returning spend is also one of the part of the display, the user can use a picture reveals that yourself like to act as an individualized returning spend on the returning. In addition,meizu m1 note such as poker, go do not need to display a variety of changes and need some time to think about games are also very appropriate.
    Through evaluating the real performance we see not hard, with the focus on these three designs function is not the same, so also no comparative benefits. But only from the viewpoint of realistic or seems to be the most common YotaPhone2 a little bit better. If more app, of course, after this source for unique edition, new samsung customized bend on either side of the display edge extensibility, believe that will be bigger, but also because you will of the AMOLED display itself does not add pressure to life, and Nubia Z9 continues to be the best in terms of visible impress. What type of dark display technological innovation as for the long run to be created this needs everyone's creativity to play.

   Actually as a cellular cellphone, YotaPhone2 ink display touch board outside and corning gorilla glass protection, and digital ink display itself is, in reality, some very early a technological innovation,meizu m2 note said candidly of some different color is through good and bad expenses, adsorption development of higher and lower two sections black-and-white pictures. Of course you can also through the surface of the ink has no boundaries Upcoming cellular cellphone will fall madly in love with what type of screen?" This article to call more details of the technological innovation.

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