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Business 174 views Jul 08, 2015
3 night capture laser helped focus to bring a better encounter

    In a macro viewpoint, meizu MX5 still has a good durability.meizu mx4 For qualifications cloud impact more obvious, cloud impact is not firm, important perspective is also very natural. Range of different qualifications from the subject, we can also see the durability of the cloud impact. While shooting also provides appropriate vividness, when the blossoms and vegetation for eyes like very much.

 Due to the images on the same day, China errors is relatively serious, you can see the sky in the image color with real look similar to the nude eye. In addition, the real images at the bottom of the garden and skymeizu mx4 pro lighting comparison is bigger. However, meizu MX5 image impact, lastly does not appear too black or too mild situation, it is very worth compliment. 

   Compared to the last creation designs, meizu MX5 enhance the function of laser helped focus, the focus rate has enhanced considerably in lower mild circumstances. According to formal data show that the meizu MX5 focus ratemeizu m1 than using a 8 thousand mega-pixel camera apple iPhone 6 quicker. Next, we might as well use the meizu MX5 image in black circumstances. The same as before, we still choose to image in the automated method.

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