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Business 262 views May 08, 2015
a pretty good phone for the price,AT&T 210M Trimline Corded Pho

  I recently bought this phone for my father who likes his phones simple and easy to use. This telephone by AT&T works better than other, much fancier phones, including two expensive cordless phones with extra handsets, when I had to get a new phone for my new home. The construction of this telephone reflects great engineering; and it's very, very reliable for a price that's very inexpensive these days for a phone. Yes, it is corded; but when all you really need is a basic phone this really does the job.

  The phone has back lit buttons which are desirable for those of us who are elderly or in any way sight impaired. The buttons could be brighter but the back lighting does improve upon no lighting. The phone offers well known features including "last number redial," and allows you to set the phone up with your telephone company so that you can use this phone with features like call waiting and three way calling. The phone has a mute feature, adjustable ringer volume and more. These functions never disappoint me. It also has a small knob that lets you switch between touch tone and pulse (rotary) dialing. I use touch tone dialing as most people do. I am particularly impressed that a phone in this price range even has a twelve number memory feature for speed dialing. Cool!

 If you want to take a nap without the phone ringing, just turn the ringer off by using the knob at the base of the

 I highly recommend this telephone for people who need a basic phone at a cheap price that still has a few "frills" to like including memory speed dialing and call waiting. The extra features give you all you truly need to make this a well constructed telephone at a ridiculously inexpensive price. Sure, the back lighting for the buttons on the phone could be brighter; but overall this is still quite a good phone for the price. The phone takes up little space and it can even be wall mounted to completely save counter space in a kitchen or any other room.

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