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Humor 266 views Mar 13, 2017
I afterwards accustomed medical absorption

I didnt apperceive my bedmate had wife, six accouchement I didnt apperceive my bedmate had wife, six childrenNovember 15,418 bulletin 1884 A appearance designer, Mrs Lydia Dallah, on Tuesday told a Jikwoyi Customary Cloister in Abuja that her bedmate affiliated her in ambidexterity by concealing that he had a wife and six children.Lydia, who is gluttonous divorce, said that she knew about her husband, Yakubu’s antecedent alliance afterwards she angry the band with him.The clothier testified in a annulment clothing she filed.“He never told me that he had an absolute alliance with six children. “It was afterwards I got affiliated to him that I apparent the accomplished accuracy about him wheneverI told him to let me go, he threatened my life,” Lydia submitted.She told the cloister that Yakubu exhausted her with a continuing fan for gluttonous divorce.“He even destroyed some backing in the abode I was rescued by our neighbours who heard me shouting and arrant out for help.“


I afterwards accustomed medical absorption in a adjacent pharmacy, and arise the adventure to the badge who afresh arrive him,” she said.The appellant said that she had arise the bulk to her ancestors and her abbey to see if she could get admonition but to no avail NBA Live Mobile Coins.“My ancestors and our pastor brash us, pleaded with him and accustomed to apperceive what he wanted, to admission me divorce.“He said that he basic the two accouchement of the marriage.“I beg this cloister to deliquesce my alliance and admission me the advocacy of my children,” she, however, pleaded.The respondent, Yakubu, however, denied abounding of the allegations.The Presiding Judge, Mr Labaran Gusau, adjourned the case until Nov. 16, for assiduity of hearing..