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Humor 158 views Oct 30, 2016
I'm confident we will be a strong side

The players know we have a good team. I'm confident we will be a strong side next season.Nobody has said to me that if we don't get to Europe, then they want to leave NFL 17 Coins.If we miss out on Europe, some might say we won't have that distraction. I'd sooner have it. But if we don't, then we'll fully focus on the league.In the past Moyes has insisted that European football has helped him grow as a manager, but he maintains his motivation will not falter without it either.We have a good side and while I don't want to put any pressure on us next year, but if we have everybody fit then I think we can challenge for the top places.


But if we don't get into Europe, we don't. The league table doesn't lie. Whether it's injuries or bad play, we can only take the position we have.You can't ensure that you don't get injuries, we are without Fellaini and Gosling for the start of next season and last year we had four in that situation Madden 17 Coins. We just have to try and make sure we deal with a situation like that better, but there's no guarantee we can do that.You need a stronger squad to help cope with that, but I think we have quite a good strong one.Moyes admits that if his team are going to win their remaining four games, they must cease a growing habit of conceding late goals.I'm a little concerned that we've let it slip in the last few games, he says.But the West Ham goal was a fantastic ball and header that was really difficult to handle, and the Villa goal was unfortunate