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Humor 203 views Oct 26, 2016
Arsenal and Manchester City passed the type of

Arsenal and Manchester City passed the type of fixtures any hungry young player wants to be part of.But for Coleman, still only 24, experience has brought perspective.It was a poor result against Reading, there were a few poor performances on the day and Madden 17 Coins. I didnt have my greatest day in an Everton shirt, he says ahead of another potential banana skin for the Blues in tomorrows trip to face Stoke at the Britannia stadium.After that sort of afternoon you want to go out and get it right as soon as possible and I couldnt because I was injured.


Ive been itching to get back as soon as possible, but at the same time had to make sure it was right.Usually Id play half-fit but in this case it wouldnt have benefited the lads or myself, I knew I had to let it heal fully and get it right.Reading didnt weigh on my mind for too long though NFL 17 Coins. Like any game if you have a bad day you cant sleep that night and it bothers you. But you wake up the next day and get at it again. Its football.Youre not going to play well every single game, mistakes happen but at other times youll make goals. Its part of the nature of the sport. Thankfully I managed to have a decent performance against Spurs. I felt good. I hadnt trained much but I felt strong and like