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  • 09 Jan 2015
        - Manager Career - When we start a new career you give us such simple basic options for the appearance, why not make it a little more detailed? Add the Game Face option for example so I can add my own face likeness to my manager so it looks like me, just like I can for my pro when I start a FIFA 15 coins player career? - World Cup 2010 game had cut-scenes of managers on the touchlines, now I know Fifa doesn't have licensed managers, but why cant you implement these cut-scenes for my created manager in CM? It would greatly profit from my above post, being able to see my created manager on the touchline shouting instructions / getting angry / celebrating etc.. - Please add the option of being able to turn injuries completely OFF, I know injuries are part of the real game, but Rooney being out for 5months in a computer game is annoying, I should have the option to turn them OFF If i want too, im not asking to get rid of injuries but be able to turn them off.. - Why cant I randomise the fixtures? Its good having the real fixtures in the game, but it makes CM boring every time you play it starting off playing the exact same games, in the exact same order, add the option to have real fixtures or completely random generated ones as an option before I start a new career.. - Kit clashes, I played a season with Aston Villa, and many of their games resulted in kit clashes as they only have a white away kit, therefore every time I played away against a team in red & white the kits clashed, you have the BPL license so why don't Aston Villa have their 3rd kit? - Same goes for GK's, they only have 1 kit? Where are the GK away kits? So they don't clash kits, which is a Fifa rule.. - Why is there no loan option in the offline menu's? I have already put Fernando Torres at Atletico Madrid in Edit Teams myself, but when I started a new Career he's permanently at Atletico, when he should be on Loan from Milan, let us transfers players offline, but also name their parent club (Loan them out) - Administrator Career - If we alpha a new career you accord us such simple basal options for the appearance, why not accomplish it a little added detailed? Add the Bold Face advantage for archetype so I can add my own face affinity to my administrator so it looks like me, just like I can for my pro if I alpha a FIFA amateur career? - World Cup 2010 bold had cut-scenes of managers on the touchlines, now I apperceive Fifa doesn't accept accountant managers, but why deceit you apparatus these cut-scenes for my created administrator in CM? It would abundantly accumulation from my aloft post, accepting able to see my created administrator on the touchline shouting instructions / accepting affronted / adulatory etc.. - Why isn't the default cam editable? Its not even assigned a name? It shouldn't be set as default but as another named camera angle, Broadcast 2 or something? So we can edit it! - Handballs don't work? Even admitting I accept them set to ON? - If I change a players band amount in CM, I deceit see who has the amount im replacing? Very ambagious as I don't apperceive if that amount is abandoned or not!? - Every time I alpha a new Career Approach I accept to ascribe my name EVERY time, deceit you add the advantage to save the endure name entered!? Again, a bit of accepted sense.. - In PES if you play training amateur you play at that teams abandoned stadium, it looks awesome, amuse add this to Fifa so I can convenance central an abandoned Old Trafford rather than a asinine all-encompassing arena.. You should get one of your devs or a Fifa gamer who plays CM alot to play through CM and aces up on all these asinine little issues that shouldn't exist, and aswell advance improvements that can be fabricated to the mode.  
    8566 Posted by Fifacoinsye
  • 17 Jan 2015
      Using your new Iphone to keep the world of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team close at hand with the FIFA 15 Companion App! In this article we will detail the FIFA 15 companion app with making FIFA 15 coins. Definition of FIFA 15 Companion APPThe EA Sports FIFA 15 Companion App, for FIFA 15 coins IOS, Android and Windows Phone devices lets you access your FIFA 15 Friends List to send messages, and stay up to date on your EAS FC News and Alerts. What’s more, with this app you can manage the FUT 15 squads that you have in your PS3, XBox 360, PS4, XBox One or PC.The FIFA 15 companion app is different with the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mobile. The former one is like an Web App for mobile devices that gives you the chance to manage your console’s squad in your mobile device. While the latter one allows you to play the game itself just with you phone Features of FIFA 15 Companion APPHere is the list of the features of the new FIFA 15 Companion App for IOS, Android and Windows Phone Devices:1.Manage your FUT Squads and Club Items by optimizing Chemistry, Formations, and Players2.Find and bid on players, staff, consumables and items on the FUT 15 Transfer Market3.Purchase Packs from the FUT Store4.Access your EA Sports Football Club Activity, News and Notifications5.Plan your squad with the Concept Squads Guide of winning FIFA 15 Coins with the Companion APP As it is said above, you cannot accomplish FUT 15 bill anon with this app. But it gives you a adventitious to acquirement players everywhere at any time. That agency as continued as you want, you can apprentice the latest bazaar amount in FIFA 15, buy players with low price, and advertise them in time with a college amount for the account of FUT 15 coins making. Now you can manage your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team anytime, anywhere with the companion app and win more FIFA 15 coins.
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  • 09 Jan 2015
                         As if our wallets hadn't suffered abundant with Microsoft's bang of FIFA 15 coins Xbox one deals about the holidays, the aggregation is aback with addition that's abiding to be too acceptable to canyon up for any soccer (or football, if you prefer) fan. Starting today, you can aces up FIFA 15 for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on the Xbox agenda abundance for 50 percent off of the accustomed price. The promotion runs through Jan. 19 and brings the price of each game down to a cool $30. As an added bonus, those who pick up the Xbox One version during the promotion will also score a special holiday content pack. If you find yourself waffling back and forth, even with the price drop, be sure to check out our review of the game for some added perspective.
    2596 Posted by Fifacoinsye
  • 13 Jan 2015
    It has been an interesting 10 days for Lionel Messi, which culminated in his arch-rival Cristiano Ronaldo claiming the 2014 Ballon d'Or trophy. The Argentine was present in Zurich to witness Ronaldo claim his second consecutive title and third overall. Of course, the Portuguese forward is still one behind Messi, although his ruthlessness will lead him to dream of that fourth award this time next year. Meanwhile, there appeared to be an acceptance from Messi that he wasn't going to be standing on the stage at the final announcement. He will know better than most that he can perform to a higher standard. When he won the 2012 edition, he was quick to play down its importance, as he stated: "I’m more interested in team awards than individual awards," via Bloomberg. "There were other years when we won more trophies, so they were better," added Messi. Last year there no awards in any sense, which will inspire the attacker to come back even stronger. Barcelona as a club are in total disarray, but with presidential elections brought forward to the end of this season, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. The speculation over Messi's future will likely continue as he flirts with the prospect of making a move to strengthen his position further. "I'm sure a lot of clubs would love to have Messi, but he is our player," said current president Josep Maria Bartomeu recently, via ESPN. With the Catalans banned from signing FIFA 15 coins players in the summer, it would take a very brave or even stupid president to sell one of the world's greatest-ever players and not be able to reinvest the money immediately. That means Messi will almost definitely persevere at the Camp Nou, and his performance against Atletico Madrid illustrates a good understanding developing with his fellow strikers. His link-up play with Luis Suarez and Neymar could see him return to his previous best, although Luis Enrique might not be at the helm. Ronaldo was consistently excellent in 2014, but his injury mismanagement almost cost him dearly. He missed the Copa del Rey final and wasn't fully fit throughout his time with Portugal at the World Cup. While Messi insists on playing continuously, he has been advised on how to manage his body during matches. "He can't be up and down all the time, because his muscular typology is not suited to such physical demands," explains Juanjo Brau in fellow Bleacher Report writer Guillem Balague's book on Messi (per The Telegraph). Messi might feature more than Ronaldo in the coming 12 months, but his greater knowledge of his own limitations could be crucial. One significant advantage for Messi may be the Copa America tournament in Chile. Ronaldo doesn't have an international competition this year, while Messi will be determined to guide his national side to success after narrowly missing out in Brazil. Argentina are one of the favourites for the event, and an outstanding display would go some way to improve his already distinguished legacy. The relationship between Ronaldo and Messi is unique, as they spur each other on to greater levels. At times it almost seems that they arrange their feats together and then simply perform them to a wider audience. Messi has continually shown that he can raise his game to meet new challenges, and this will be one of those occasions. If Enrique's decision to leave Messi out against Real Sociedad hurt the player's pride, that has nothing to what he will feel right now. Messi will make 2015 his and pull away from Ronaldo just as the Los Blancos forward has him in his sights.
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1,253 views Jan 17, 2015
FIFA 15 "44 Chem Myth"---"you don't need chemistry links"


If a amateur has at atomic 4 Chem he will play on abounding performance, but artlessly will not get the boosts. Nobody absolutely knows how big this boosts are and anybody is apprehensive about this. So I thought: Let's try something. So the capital bulletin abaft this allegory is artlessly "you don't charge allure links".

As you see, every player is on 4 Chem. I spent a big amount of FIFA 15 coins getting those Basic Chemistry styles to equal everything up. I built this team on purpose, so there isn't one player in the team how has a link to anyone else.

So my current FIFA record is 367 - 46 - 165. So overall I lose 1 out of 4 games. Not that good - not that bad. Maybe a typical division 1 - 2 player.

I played this team for 25 games - not the typical 10, I thought 25 would be better to give you a good feedback.

In this 25 games that I′ve played, I won 21, draw 1 and lost 3, so overall the performance of the team seems to equal my normal performance.

Let's get a little bit deeper and talk about "Single Player Performance", "Overall team performance" or Let's say "Team Feeling".

So the "Single Player Performance"

I used most of the players before, I normally have the typical douchebag chemistry method. All Strikers and Wingers on Hunter, Central Midfielder on Catalyst and and Defender on Shadow (Please don't offense me for this...) So usually my Strikers, Wingers and Defenders should get a little Boost on Pace - but tbh I couldn't realise any difference. Agüero was outpacing most of the Center backs (with the exception of David Luiz and Onuoha) as always. Same here for Hazard and Robben. Ramos nearly won every run against the well known Strikers (with the exception of Sturridge, Ibarbo, Doumbia... we all know this story).

So for me there wasn't really a noticeable difference. Same here for the other stats. Agüero, Suarez, Hazard and Robben seemed to be clinical finisher as always. Only difference, but maybe it was just me: Robbens weak foot felt weaker than before - it actually felt more like a 1 star wk

Overall Team Performance and Team Feeling

So sometimes the people say "If you play a team without Chemistry it is harder to pass the ball between your players" - I can NOT agree with this. I think it just depends on your skill and our expectations. Maybe it is a kind of notion that Let's you think this, but I really can′t agree. Tbh I played this games with may more passion - I really focused on the game - I really tried to give my best.

So sometimes the people say "Playing a team without Chemistry feels sluggish". I have to say that SOMETIMES I can agree with this. But I think this is based on a kind of momentum, or maybe it is the game speed or just a problem with lags. There were 2-3 games that felt a bit sluggish but tbh I haven't found a reason for this. But if you are 100% in the game and focus on it you will deal with it.

So sometimes the people say "If you play a team without Chemistry, your players will to stupid mistakes" - Yeah, I totally agree. But it doesn't matter if you have Chemistry or not - stupid mistakes will always happen. I made a little spreadsheet and noticed after every game the amount of balls that bounced away while I′m trying to reach it, Goalkeeper Mistakes, Hitting the Bar and Post, missing great chances and so on. I did the same with a typical 100 Chemistry BPL Squad and compared the data. There was no difference. There will always be games where your goalkeeper won't react. There will always be games where you miss a great chance.


So I have to say, imo there is no difference playing a team with or without Chemistry.

One thing I noticed while playing this team was the reaction of my opponents. I usually play division 1 and 2, so there are less players that try to run straight to my goal at the kick-off. With this team nearly every opponent who played me and had the kick off, tried just to pass my team to score.

I collected about 9 Direct Messages on PSN saying "This is just handicap, you have no chemistry. Go and F your M... You SoaB..."

I think playing a team without chemistry gives you three big mental benefits:

1. Your opponent feels a safe win from the kick off on
2. You will expect less from your team, what will give you more power. You will be more focused and will play better
3. Whether you believe or don't believe in Handicap, Scripting and Momentum - You will have a little feeling that you get the advantage。