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  • 17 Dec 2014
    Michael Garcia has resigned from FIFA's ethics committee in protest over the handling of his report into the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. On Tuesday the former United States attorney was told he would not be allowed to appeal the decision of the game's world governing body to not publish his entire findings into the voting campaigns behind both tournaments.   Garcia produced a 430-page report, which expressed concerns over numerous incidents during both processes, before the staging of the competitions were awarded to Russia and Qatar respectively.   Hans-Joachim Eckert, chairman of the adjudicatory chamber of Fifa's independent Ethics Committee then opted to release only a condensed 42-page version of his findings.   That move was fiercely protested by Garcia, who claimed the edited summary contained "erroneous representations of the facts" and he has now opted to step down after failing to force Fifa's hand.   He said in a statement on Wednesday: "My report identified serious and wide-ranging issues with the bidding and selection process.   "Concerned that insufficient transparency would not serve Fifa's interests, I issued a public statement calling on the Fifa Executive Committee to authorise the appropriate publication of the report.   "The Executive Committee took no action on this subject during its September 2014 meetings - other than to refer me to the Fifa Disciplinary Committee for allegedly violating the Code of Ethics through my public comments.   "Namely, my public request that the Executive Committee authorise appropriate publication of the report and the on-the-record statement Mr. Borbely (Deputy Chair of the Investigatory Chamber) and I released concerning watches given to certain football officials. The Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee, Claudio Sulser, ultimately rejected the Executive Committee's referral.   "A brief I filed with the Fifa Appeal Committee on November 24, 2014, outlined the Eckert Decision's most serious failings. No response could justify the Eckert Decision's edits, omissions, and additions.   "Yesterday's decision by the Appeal Committee declined to address these points. I disagree with the Appeal Committee's decision. A further appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport would not be practicable in this case. No independent governance committee, investigator, or arbitration panel can change the culture of an organisation."And more news in our website FIFA15-Coin.com.
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  • 10 Dec 2014
    EA Sports have released the 13th edition of their Ultimate Team team of the week and the main headline is that Real Madrid superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is joined up front by none other than PSG talisman Zlatan Ibrahimovic.The big Swede returned from injury over the weekend and he helped his team to a 2-1 victory over Nantes, extending their unbeaten start to the Ligue 1 season.    Ronaldo was in imperious form as he scored a hat-trick to take his tally for the season in La Liga to 23 goals, an astonishing feat.The third member of this fearsome front line is West Ham United forward Andy Carroll who terrorised the Swansea City defence on Sunday, scoring two goals and assisting one more during the Hammers’ 3-1 win.In goal is Hull City keeper Allan McGregor who performed heroics during his side’s 0-0 draw with West Brom over the weekend which included saving a penalty.       The defence is led by Mats Hummels who led his Borussia Dortmund side to a much needed win against Hoffenheim on Friday which lifted the club off the bottom of the Bundesliga.He is joined in the three man defence by Atletico Madrid defender Jose Gimenez with the 19 year old in sensational form over the past couple of weeks with the La Liga champions not conceding a single goal since November 22. He was crucial in their 2-0 win away at Elche on the weekend.The final member of the defence is Thomas Heurtaux who helped Udinese keep out Inter Milan at the San Siro as they secured  2-1 victory.   FIFA 15 never seem to really pay much attention to things like coherence when they pick formations and this week the entire midfield is made up of wingers. The men actually out wide are Ivan Persic, whose Wolfsburg side kept up their impressive assault on league leaders Bayern Munich with a 3-1 victory over Hannover, and Andre Carrillo whose Sporting Lisbon team won their second league game in a row by beating Boavista 3-1.   The front three all had excellent weekends and frankly we can’t wait to try them out together as we are sure that it is not a front three that anyone has ever combined together. Obviously Carroll has to be the focal point of the team but Ibrahimovic isn’t exactly blessed with pace so you may want to use him and Ronaldo as attacking midfielders.On the bench we see a number of lesser players who had excellent weekends but Newcastle United fans will be delighted to see Papiss Cisse make the cut after his two goals helped the Magpies end Chelsea’s unbeaten run on Saturday.And at last,when you have some FIFA 15 coins, you can practice FIFA 15 games delightfully.
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  • 19 Dec 2014
    After an stunning solo performance and clean sheet in United’s 3-0 win over arch rivals Liverpool, many expected Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea would be a shoe-in for his third inform card of FIFA 15 so far this season.   But after putting in a display that can only really be described as world class, EA has decided not to include him in this week’s team of the week.   The goalkeeper who has claimed what everyone expected to be De Gea’s spot this week is Burnley’s Tom Heaton. He was crucial in the relegation battling sides’ 1-0 win over Southampton, saving a Dusan Tadic penalty on his way to keeping a clean sheet. Heaton’s overall rating has been increased by one to 73. As for Burnley’s Tom Heato, with FIFA 15 coins, Do you want to fight side by side with him i n FIFA 15.    Arsenal playmaker Santi Cazorla is by someway the standout player in what is otherwise quite a disappointing team of the week lineup. The tiny Spaniard put in a top performance in The Gunners’ 4-1 demolition of Newcastle at the weekend, scoring two goals in the win.
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  • 30 Dec 2014
    It’s absolutely preposterous that FIFA 15 gamers  that own enough cheap FIFA 15 coins are continuously plagued by EA servers down or the random updates that prohibit gameplay. Electronic Arts’ FIFA series is the #1 selling sports game in most recent years and all I can say is EA has found a way to milk our pockets.   I have been a faithful supporter of the franchise for more than a decade, yet I still have the same issue over and over – EA servers are unavailable. Most times I sign on to play a couple seasons match or FIFA Ultimate Team, then the game cuts out and I receive the error message below. I have to say one of the worst feelings is to be gypped $60 for a game that I can play roughly 80% of the time I choose. EA is continually having problems with their servers. Whenever the servers are down, I instantly go to Down Detector to check how many other people are experiencing the same problem. Often times, there are people fuming, similarly to how I am right now. I ran across some funny tweets regarding the same issue, “EA Servers going down easier than Ronaldo inside the penalty area.” There was another gamer expressed their disappointment, “I was halfway through a game on FIFA 15 and the EA servers go down, so not happy.” Over the Christmas holidays, FIFA 15 players were disgruntled that the servers were down. However, EA has not found a way to give gamers just compensation. EA Sports FIFA has been working with Sony and Microsoft to resolve these issues, but when will it stop?
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Business 13,599 views Dec 10, 2014
Do you want to get more FIFA 15 coins

Well,I will guide you that what I've done in the first couple of weeks of Fifa 15 to have an 186 rated squad (the maximum right now is 189). In order to do this I have opened packs as part of the process, but never received anything better than James Rodriguez who sold for around 60k.

There are many guides out there which have their own tricks to making money. I've got myself to a point where I'm making a minimum of 50k per day doing nothing but trading, I thought I should pass it on as there's piles of coins out there to claim if you know how.Videos embeded at the end which gives you pretty much the same information, but designed for those who prefer to watch than read.

Server outages

A great time to make loads of money is during server outages. This is the point (and it happens often) that the trading servers are intermittently down. This is a great time to pick up bargains and you can easily pick up some rare and non-rare golds at FIFA 15 coins. As you may or may not know, rare golds quick sell for a minimum of 600 coins and non-rares for 300 coins, so if you can pick any of these up for below that amount, you're making money. You're making it really quick too, unless it's a really good player, you should quick selland get straight back on the market. It's pointless putting them on the transfer market as you'll be waiting an hour to sell them and you can make much more than that if you don't wait the hour.

The problem with this method is that you'll have trouble connecting yourself and it will take multiple attempts to connect, you could also disconnect at any time so be very quick and bid like crazy.

You'll also find top players at great prices during outages. I picked up a Ribery card for 241k and later in the day when the searvers were fine, he was going for 285k+. The same can be done with consumables, however, they don't quick sell for more than you need to pay for them so you need to be sure you'll sell them later (when the servers are fine) for more than you bought them for. You can do it with staff though, the rare golds will generally quick sell in excess of 150 coins.

Buy Now at 59 minutes

This method is what most of the top traders use and there's some good money to be made. Pick a player, one that doesn't have many cards out there. Scroll through them until you get over 50 minutes remaining. These players are mainly players that have just been placed on the transfer market and is the place to pick up bargains. Use a minimum buy now price of 200 coins to filter out all the cards with no buy now price.

Now bear in mind that people have two reasons for placing players on the market, either they want to sell a card or they want to keep a card unless someone offer x amount of coins. Those who want to sell are the ones we're targeting. Many of them will want to sell a card quickly and put a relatively low BIN price on it. Very few people get to see these cards because of people hunting this card type down buying them up. This is a good method of earning coins, but it gets harder when the cards are more common because of the time it takes to get to 59 minutes. Players with fewer cards on the market are easier to manage.

Use hourly price fluctuations

I don't know if you're aware, but prices fluctuate wildly during the day. Using the first two methods should easily get you into 6 figures, this one will get you from 6 figures to 7 figures. I often make 40-50k per trade using this method.

Buy low and sell high

The price is defined by the seller, but the value is defined by the buyer.Lots of supply is a buyers market. Lots of demand is a sellers market.There are times during the day in which the prices are 10-20% cheaper than at other times of the day and you can use that to your advantage by buying and selling the same card over and over. I find the best time to buy is around 5AM GMT and the best time to sell is around 7PM GMT. Bear in mind that you pay 5% tax so be sure to cover that.You can buy some great cards at great prices if you time your bidding perfectly.