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Entertainment 4,182 views Dec 02, 2014
Buy cheap fifa 15 coins to beat everyone in game

In today’s competitive world, all that anyone cares is, about winning the game. Whether you cheated or you won the game without cheating. Until and unless you are caught you will be declared the winner legally. So why not try this in FIFA 15 and you can even have cheap FIFA 15 coins
 to felicitate your victory over others. The game is so much in demand that after its launch many gaming stations help tournaments for FIFA 15 and there was a huge number of entries for the tournaments. Irrespective of age factor this game is loved and played by everyone alike.

Mario Balotelli, much known for his aggression and his acts that gained criticism is a hell of a player. With him in your squad you need not worry about winning any game if you use him to the most of his potential and you can achieve that with FIFA 15 coins easily.

Having an overall carrier rating of 84, he has a potential of taking this rating up to 90 with his skills and game play. Born in Italy, he currently plays for club Milan. Having a rating of 86 in acceleration, 76 in balance, 83 in sprint speed and 84 in strength, he lacks balance while running and losses the possession of the ball while running. With a rating of 89 in ball control at slow speeds, he has a rating of 85 in dribbling, 84 in finishing, 86 in power shots and 83 in volleys. He is the best penalty shootout specialist as he has a rating of 95 in shooting the penalties.

He has a very low rating of 25 only in standing tackle and 25 in sliding tackle, even in marking he has a rating of 25. So this means he is not at all a good defender and should be used as an attacking player as his power and aggression can convert any game in a victory. He should be used in replacements as he lacks stamina and thus can even lose possession of the ball at times. So you need to buy FIFA 15 coins to have him in your team.