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Other 220 views Aug 04, 2015
A fast visit to The Stomping Land's Vapor

A fast visit to The Stomping Land's Vapor web page will expose it can no more be bought. As of yet, there is no explanation from either Valve or FUT 16 Coins as to why the activity has been eliminated Cheap Runescape Gold, but it would appear it's no coincidence that this comes after several a few several weeks with no phrase from the mission's designers.

None of the formal outlets for the game--its Facebook or myspace, Tweets, boards, and Kickstarter page--have been modified in a few several weeks. The producer's website is efficiently nonexistent. The last post on the Kickstarter declared the mission's appearance in Early Access on Vapor on May 30, and stated, "Even though the activity is available, development is still in complete force."