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Other 219 views Jul 03, 2015
Beyond the large prize

Exaggerations aside, the 36 players who log the most hours on System Cope with the trial lately will win one of three prize offers from FUT 16 Coins company. The most grizzled virtual professional at the weekend (which started at 12:01am Hawaiian time on Wed and continues until 11:59pm Hawaiian time, Aug 8) will win a trip for two to a Battleground 2: MC group event, a finalized and created piece of idea art from the activity, and a finish retail store duplicate of Cheap Runescape Gold : MC for the System when it's released.

Beyond the large prize, 10 first-place champions will receive the art and a duplicate of the activity, while 25 runners-up will have to settle for just a duplicate of the activity.  The Battleground 2: MC trial is available at GameStop, EB Activities, Best Buy, and GameCrazy, or it can be discovered in the Aug problem of OXM. Look into the formal guidelines for qualifications.

Battleground 2: MC will retail shop for $49.99 when it delivers Oct 24. A PlayStation 2 edition of the encounter will also ship Oct 24, with editions for the System 360 and PSP scheduled to arrive by the end of the season.  The dungeons are a-crawlin'! PC players looking for a double quantity of Dungeons & Dragons-style routines have gotten their wish. Last night, Gas Powered Social game playing applications' Dungeon Stress II trial was published to the community. Nowadays, another fantasy-themed activity, Atari's Dragonshard, is giving players a peek into its absolute depths.

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