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Pyramid Plunder is a fantastic action

Pyramid Plunder is a fantastic action to try if you wish to practice your Robbing stage. Therefore, nowadays 1strunescape offer you several guidelines for pyramid plunder, with which you can not only practice your thieving stage but also get a lot of 2007 Runescape Gold and items. These are guidelines for RuneScape pyramid plunder Food:Cakes: 3 attacks 4hp each chew 12h* complete and... CAKE IS get free cake go to the dessert wait in ardy and ask for the desserts if individuals are losing them or you can just choose them up (or you can get your own, yay for unique exp!!)Potions:anti poison: this factors is like gods blood vessels it last very lengthy 3 vials (4) last me 4-6 operates.they only price 1k eachsuper anti: price 2.5k old university rs gold i don't see it being value it but if you want it tolast even more time spend the money lol.

Money: to go from lumby to pyramid plunder price 415 gold (405 if you do elegant prince ali rescue) Don't sweating it if you have a money collection you don't want to break. across from the lender there are lvl 9 security officers the give 18g and 26 or so exp so growth get or 405gp from them.Dying: Don't take yo lifestyle perform with you so when you die your 3 quit toxins will secure over your FREE cake so its all excellent.

just get 12 gp from men for checkpoint cost then the staying 403gp from security officers and repeat!Icky factors that destroy you:1. the heat so really don't take a place in the big exotic place.2. affect frogs (lvl 11) and competitive 3. when try to get into the grave a aspect might impact you working -3 hp4. a phantom deals -4 hp5. snakes in the urns & raise snare cope 1-3 harm per bite/hit (at my lvl)6. toxins, mummies, & insects all destroy you QUICK at lvl 3 What from pyramid plunder makes you bank: 1. gold closes = 750 rs 2007 gold2. gold scarabs = 1k rs07 gold3. gold stauates = 1250 2007 runescape gold4. jewled stauate = 12k5. pharaohs secpter = 400k - 1.2m idk How do you do pyramid plunder you ask? 1. do Gertrude's cat (yay food preparation exp)2. get items needed- 415-600gp- quit poison- meals (I recommend *akes because they are free)- 2-4 complete normal water skins- a tinder box- yo new pet - a lockpick (not needed but allows with gates and speed)3. get your 405 runescape 2007 gold, quit toxins, meals, tinder box, normal water skin, cat, secure pick4. go to shanty successfully pass and buy a shanty successfully pass 5. take rug to pollniveach, run southern take 2nd rug to nardah6. run from nardah financial institution south west to the covering with the wanderer 7. now you have to begin icthlarin's little assistant to get into sophanem8. go into pyramid in front of where you begin, there are 4 entryways 1 cause to a mummy9. talk to mummy he describes game10.have fun!

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