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Other 250 views Jul 11, 2018
Why CBD in Raipur Will Make for an Ultimate Business Arena?

CBD in Raipur boasts of an all-inclusive master design covering its area of 350,000 square meters. This complex consists of –

  • Roads and landscaping
  • Wastewater and drainage system
  • Power and telecommunication
  • Sustainable urban transport
  • Waste management system
  • Financial feasibility consideration

The Central Business District of this smart city is being developed by the Naya Raipur Development Authority for administrative and governmental along with private organisations. The entire area coverage is around 1.03 square km.

Why not delve a bit deeper and understand what the reasons are for CBD in Raipur to grab the headlines?

  1. Location facilities

Gearing up in the sector of real estate in India, the CBD has a prime geographical location and thus, quips as a lucrative commercial hub for booming businesses. It covers an area of 101.5 hectares. Moreover, NRDA has also made sure that it enjoys an esteemed address.

  1. Connectivity Perks

The land rehabilitation in Naya Raipur has been structured in a manner where the entire city has been segregated into concrete sectors. Each sector has been built to serve a particular purpose. CBD is going to be built in sector 21 lying at the heart of Naya Raipur. As a result, the Central Business District’s complexes will have a direct access to every other place via BRTS and railway.

  1. Superb Development

CBD in Raipur consists of 2 distinct complexes designed for retail and commercial purposes. The wholesale complex will consist of 2 blocks. The first block will host formal retail while the second block will host high-street retail. It is a B+G+6 storied structure having a wide range of dine-ins, shopping outlets and also, office spaces. The shops will occupy the ground floor and the first floor. Second floor onwards, the offices will take up the space.

This commercial complex, on the other hand, will consist of 2 towers; A and C respectively. Tower A shall host B+G+9 structure having a carpet area of 18000 sq. ft. The Tower C, built in the form of B+G+11 floors, shall boast off a carpet area of 42,000 square ft.

[Note: The retail and commercial complex will also include enough passenger and service elevators coupled with air conditioners and automated fire safety system.]

A few extra highlights of the Central Business District for which it has become a lucrative site for real estate in India are –

  • Natural resource allocation and usage at the optimum level.
  • A place where recreational purposes will be served for business houses.

CBD in Raipur shares NRDA’s motto of utilizing natural resources at their best possible way. Both commercial and wholesale complexes of CBD will preserve rainwater via an effective rain water harvesting system. Moreover, the entire area will also have recreational hub spots like shopping malls and movie multiplexes. Halls for social functions and banquet purposes will also make this area enjoyable and entertaining.

This complex designed with extreme articulation and with the motive of making it a booming area for businesses, is taking Naya Raipur on the high road. The first ever greenfield smart city, Naya Raipur will surely make a name on the global map!


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