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  • 10 Oct 2018
    A fan of traditional neckwear or leaning towards style statements, every woman loves to flaunt her neckline with alluring pendant designs. Pendants are also small ornamental pieces that dangle from an earring, bracelet, brooch, etc. Some of these ornaments have dominated since the pre-historic era. History of Indian jewellery is smeared with gold pendant designs on necklaces, bangles, earrings and anklets. Our Indian women, mostly Hindus, still love wearing this small ornamental décor on their mangalsutras along with other neckpieces and earrings. These trinkets add the required gusto to jewellery’s simplicity. As these pendants and lockets continue to entice Indian women, the men aren’t so far behind either. And it is a saying about these adorable little pieces that, “While all jewellery is personal, a pendant is perhaps the most personal of all.” True to the saying, these pendants witness the most of customisations. People love getting them in perfect shapes and sizes with personal initials or symbols carved on them, with gold pendant designs being most famous of all. So, here are some evergreen designs of these small ornamental pieces that you must own and exhibit. 5 Evergreen Pendant Designs You Should Not Miss - Casual trinkets: These are versatile and classic pendant designs that add up dazzle to your daily looks. These pendants are available in various types of metals, stones and arts like motifs, flowers, symmetrical figures, etc.  They are high in style and affordability, and thus a go-to choice for trendsetters. Pendants with gemstones: They come in subtle to bold lines of style and have rare and precious gems like emerald, amethyst, sapphire, ruby, citrine and many other exotic types. These pendants bring vibrancy and sparkle when adorned around the neckline. Moreover, each gemstone is associated with different human attributes like loyalty, love, faithfulness and many more, also making them suitable as birthstones. Embellished with pearls: Pearls are the archetypal ornamental item that can never go out of trend and encompasses generations. People wear these pendants as a symbol of wealth, love and luck. They have a classic appeal that can go perfectly with any attire and bring simplicity. Be it formal or casual; you can match it with any look you want to carry. Statement lockets: Easy to blend in with the current trend, these statement lockets are a favourite among girls. They have customisation to project the right style statement. You can get these statement pieces in a variety of materials. Women prefer to choose from gold pendant designs and wear them as a symbol of religion like ‘Aum’ or a ‘Swastik’. Symbols of love: Pendants are a hot favourite among couples. People give it to their beloved as a symbol of love. And, most of the times these designs are heart-shaped with little inscriptions of their names and other initials. They can also be double heart pendants with little images of the couple inserted inside. No wonder, women fancy owning these symbols of love. So, don’t wait to include these sparkly little pieces of elegance in your jewellery collection. The festive season is abundant with new and fresh designs. Make the most of it.
    2299 Posted by Swapnil Jukunte
  • 10 Jul 2018
      Many candidates live with a belief that studying for the CCIE exam at home can easily earn them the certification. However, if one studies for the written test solo, without lab practices, sitting for this exam would be pointless. This is why candidates opt for CCIE training  which includes lab practices as part of their course besides theoretical classes, vital for the exam. With such practices, one can become proficient in configuring the Cisco lab kits. They can configure hardware, which would generally take 10 hours, in less than 7 hours or so. In addition to configuring, learning the commands and typing them with superfast speed is also a prime requirement for this exam. Other than lab practices, here are the other ways in which a CCIE training programme prepares a candidate: Time management Time management is the most significant aspect that candidates need to learn to pass the exam. This exam is divided into sections with each one carrying different marks. Institutes train candidates in time management so that they can complete all the sections within the specified time.   Further, they also teach tips and tricks required to complete the lab configurations in the quickest way possible. Mock tests Mock tests are critical for passing any exam, and this too requires the same. Training institutes conduct regular mock tests that help a candidate prepare for the written and lab exams. Mock tests not only help candidates assess their knowledge, but also get them accustomed to the exam pattern. Reputed training institutes conduct these tests that can mimic the actual exams closely. Tutorial videos Training institutes often provide tutorial videos that can help students study at home. These videos generally include an overview of the lab kits, brief explanation of significant topics, various slides, and last minute suggestions. Schedules Scheduling study patterns of students is what the training institutes provide which assist them I managing time. An institute may provide the following 2 types of schedules to candidates: Weekly CCIE certification takes considerable time investment and for that, assigning few days for studying is of critical importance. Long-term Preparing for CCIE may take months and as such, institutes help candidates prepare a long-term study schedule. Owing to its vast syllabus, combining both weekly and long-term schedules hold crucial significance for passing the CCIE exam. One more perk – Guidance from industry certified faculty members:   The faculty members who provide the training in these institutes hold years of knowledge in this field. Some of those individuals may hold a CCIE certification themselves; thus, students can get more insight into the topics and get proper guidance from experienced professionals.   They provide assistance for both written and lab exams and teach various shortcuts that can help students during the exam. Thus, in this way, CCIE training can help all those aspiring candidates become successful in the exam and be certified in the first try. Well, for this, all one has to do is enrol at a reputed and certified institute which has infrastructure for lab practices. 
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  • 10 Jul 2018
    Corporate life can be boring and stressful which can further lead to degradation of employees’ productivity. If you are already noticing dearth of energy in the office, it is now the best time to plan fun games and activities which can boost up the employees’ energy. It would also enhance the bonding among the members, reduce stress drastically and provide them a chance to know each other beyond the walls of office.   The types of team building activities for corporates are varied and serve different purposes; some of which are:   Communication based Trust building activities Problem solving activities that involve decision making Planning activities that gauge adaptability   The common communication games:     Truth and lie: This game is an ice-breaker. Each of the team members should stealthily write one lie and two truths about themselves on paper. After this, a group conversation is initiated just as it happens in any other leisure party. Each member can ask three questions to another. The idea behind it is to guess which statement is true and which is not. Then, an open voting is conducted. This ensures better understanding, communication and collaboration amongst employees.   Break ice with one question: This game is especially effective in getting co-workers get along well. Each group consists of two participants where the leader chooses a scenario. This activity tends to be really fun and interactive. Problem solving activities:     In this category, the games last for 30 minutes on an average.   Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt on a pre-decided area can prove to be super fun and rewarding. Engaging in such an outdoor activity is not only incredibly fun but also healthy as the office-goers are exposed to fresh air. P.S. – For this, you need to select the location carefully. Egg Drop Challenge: This can get messy but extremely engaging. The entire group is split into two. The task is to make a package for the eggs so that it can sustain a drop of eight foot. Each of the teams is to present the highlights of their package prior the drop. This common goal insures communication and fruitful engagement among members.   Incorporating Improv events:     Improv workshop can be extremely creative and interactive. It will sharpen their soft-skills, trust and focus. The employees, after this, would call it a day amidst laughter and fulfilment. Improv games hone their competitive skills and bring them together at the same time.   Organising Cook offs:     This culinary activity works well for team building. The members split into small groups, come together and create new recipes. This involves creativity as well as team play and leadership. It is as simple as choosing a food category and getting started together. A fun twist can be incorporated like, a common ingredient, to make it more interesting.   Advantages of Corporate team building activities:   Corporate excursions make employees to be more ambitious. Analysis reveals that leaders can have better productivity and skills after engaging in team building activities. Prepares for failure. Participating in challenging events and games make the employees ready for future failures and aid them in better handling of critical situations. Rejuvenates self-importance. Breaking the monotony of office work, people gain confidence and self-trust through such events.   Corporate team building activities  are by far the best ways to instil energy amongst the employees and increase their productivity manifold.  
    296 Posted by Swapnil Jukunte
  • 03 Jul 2018
    Every Indian girl dreams of a perfect wedding ceremony with no scratch of mistakes in it. After years of anticipation and patience, when the D-day finally arrives, every woman just wants to be at her best. Considering the fact, Maharashtrian would-be brides too vision the same maintaining all aesthetics. A Marathi bride with the unique mix of simplicity and elegance of bridal jewellery look no less than Goddess Parvati. So, here comes a train of tips essential for all the Marathi brides-to-be before buying jewelleries: Have a draft plan for the wedding dress It is important to have an at least a draft idea about the bridal attire before buying bridal jewelleries. Unlike other cultures, brides of Maharashtra dress up in hues of sunshine yellow, leaf green and aubergine. So, it is very important to have a notion about the wedding dress to customise Maharashtrian bridal jewellery. Start the hunt at least a few months before Have a thorough market research about latest price of gold and making charges. This will allow a would-be-bride to get access to best possible designs available at market with right price. Adhere to the budget Crossing the budget can impart nightmares. So, it’s advisable to stick to a particular budget. Decide if the bridal collection is going to be an investment or a luxury to cherish for years. Buying gold can be alluring, but one must be aware of the budget and cut the cloth accordingly. Go for mix n match It’s not necessary to match up everything and give a mundane look. Mix and match with colour contrast. Never overdo with frills jewelleries sets as sometimes less can be more. Moreover, keeping a versatile range of jewelleries in the collection is also an effective way to get decked up at the main ceremony. Have a knack towards classic designs Most of the Maharashtrian brides inherit bridal jewelleries from their prior generations. So, if a would-be bride has the chance to acquire traditional jewelleries from her families, it’s better to opt for few contemporary collections of assets. However, on the other hand, if a bride lacks the valuable treasure from her family side, choosing classy, elegant design will add a zing to her wedding jewellery. Choose designs as per the shape of the face Girls with round face need to duck the usage of broad jewelleries on face as it may make a bride’s face fuller. Again, a bride with an oval shaped face needs to avoid long neck pieces, as it elongates her facial appearance. Always buy from reputable buyers Jewelleries are something more than investments and wedding essentials. So buying from most reputed brands or jewellers is the smart way to assure best quality of metal. Jewellers of great repute always believe in genuinity and serve customers according to the government rules. So, make sure to count every penny. Maharashtrian bridal jewellery furnishes a quintessential look to the brides. Hence it needs a little logic and time to fetch best of the best amongst a plethora of options. Make your wedding jewellery and the day special by considering the above tips. Hope these will help you out!
    282 Posted by Swapnil Jukunte
Other 242 views Oct 09, 2018
How is Atal Nagar’s CBD proving to be The Model India will Soon

The concept of smart cities in India is not entirely new. Visionary politicians, including former PM P.V. Narasimha Rao and former CM of West Bengal, Dr B.C. Roy, already had a concept of smart urban and semi-urban cities several decades back. It was this current ruling dispensation at the centre, the NDA, led by BJP, which took an official stance on this long-overdue issue.

India’s smart city project was launched with much fanfare in 2015. Most such municipalities are yet to take off, others beset by infrastructural or decision-making lapses.

The picture is indeed gloomy.

This is where Atal Nagar, formerly known as New Raipur, shines like a beacon in the darkness, showing other cities and states how it is done. Of particular note is the CBD in Atal Nagar, which, sooner rather than later, will be a model for other cities to emulate.

Atal Nagar formula

The reason behind Atal Nagar’s lustre has three main points: a robust decision-making process, the right mixture of technology and urban planning, and this process of land rehabilitation in Atal Nagar.

Returning to CBD in Atal Nagar, here are all three areas where it has set high standards. The success of this model city is a superb and timely example of what federal and state governments, along with local authorities, can achieve if they decide to work together.

3 ways where Central Business District in Atal Nagar stands out

Almost all of the major cities have a CBD. New Raipur, Atal Nagar now, was late join to the bandwagon. But these three points given below will spell out how the late entrant is turning the tide.

Planning and executing projects

Raipur’s CBD is divided into two separate areas, one commercial and one retail, both with their respective governing councils. This retail complex is a B+G+6 storied building complete with restaurants and roof-top dining facilities. Offices are on the second floor and up. The ground and the first floors house shops and other commercial establishments.

This commercial complex has taller buildings and is spread over larger areas. Both these entities have the state-of-the-art fire-fighting equipment, emergency exits, and industrial scale air conditioning.

Mixing business and recreation

A problem with real estate in India and its developmental aspect is poor planning. Atal Nagar’s CBD blends the two much-needed products a globally competitive smart city’s biz hub needs: work and fun. You can thus leave your office in the evening and head on straight to a cafeteria of your choice. Spend quality time with friends or colleagues.

The world over, the way of doing business is changing. While those changes are coming to India, their percolation is slow. Atal Nagar has shown how these new-age ideas should be implemented.

Going green

The CBD in Atal Nagar is one of the city’s avant-garde aspects where green living is the buzzword. LED streetlights brighten up the leafy avenues without wasting electricity. Garbage disposal is smart and sewage treatment plants state-of-the-art. Add rainwater harvesting to this list, and you have a city that never sleeps, with an environment-friendly demeanour.

Building the future a step at a time

It is small wonder that many global businesses are making a beeline to the town. More will come, and soon. Atal Nagar promises much and delivers well. A model city indeed, wouldn’t you agree?

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