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General 69 views Jul 03, 2018
Kids and Puppies

Kids and Puppies 

You just bought the new pup home and now you are concerned he won't get along with your kids. This can cause anxiety in you and the pup. Sometimes introducing the pup in a quiet room and maybe letting the child give him a treat as well. This may show the pup he can trust the child. Don't force the puppy into a meeting he isn't ready to handle yet.

Children should be prepared and told about the new pet coming. They should ask questions about anything they are uncertain of concerning the puppy. They should be told how to treat the new puppy so it won't feel scared or frightened and try to bite. Read a book concerning puppy care to the child. Show them how to pick up the puppy without hurting it. You may need to set some ground rules concerning how much the child can handle the pup.

They should know never to hit or hurt the puppy. Tell them how it may retaliate and become aggressive. Watch that they don't step on him or pinch his ears.
Do not let the child have responsibility for the animal. They can help with feeding and playing, but an adult needs to oversee the process. Teach them to love and nurture the puppy so that it will grow into a lovable affectionate dog.

Under no circumstances should the child play tug-of-war with the puppy. This is a dominance game for the puppy and even if the child wins, the puppy thinks it is alright to play rough in the future. Also, do not the child growl or bark at the dog at this can frighten the puppy as well.

If time is taken to teach children the proper way of treating the new puppy, everyone can live together happily most of the time. There are a few instances where the breed of dog would not allow this to happen.

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