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The Many Types of Ghostwriting

There are various types of ghostwriting, and if you want to enter this field of work, it is essential to understand this. They fit into two primary categories: professional and creative. Because one significant aspect of ghostwriters is their ability to be versatile, they can take on various projects to help boost their writing portfolio. When companies hire ghostwriters, they often play to the writer's strengths.

Creative ghostwriting can be broken down into four subcategories. The first is the autobiography, which are biographies written by the author during their lifetime. However, in this case, the author will hire a ghostwriter due to their lack of communication skills. The writer will work closely with the client to mimic their voice. Take an in-depth look at their life and its events, aiming for a more sincere point-of-view.

Other types of creative ghostwriting include family history, which means studying a family's history with an objective eye. It is written without bias and is intended to be a comprehensive examination of their family history. Fiction ghostwriting indicates that a client hires a ghostwriter to create a story for them while they have the ideas but not the ability to bring the words to life. Sometimes, the author has no writing experience and needs a ghostwriter to help. Lastly, creative ghostwriting will help the author with scripts or screenplays for film or theatre.

There are seven types of professional ghostwriting. The first of which is the business report or any other business records. It typically includes clients hiring ghostwriters to take meeting notes, which are kept on files and are essential for business negotiations, in the courtroom and within the government. How-to manuals are another type of professional ghostwriting and are seen as the most tedious, as they include manuals for electronics, appliances, tools, medication, and more. It also includes medical documents.

Blogs and social media are two other types of professional ghostwriting, which often means ghostwriting for politicians or other public figures that want to increase their online presence. Ghostwriters may also be delegated to write speeches for these public figures if they do not have the communication skills to write their own. It takes the pressure from these public figures.

Professional ghostwriting also includes newsletters written for businesses, news outlets, and others that are sent out to customers on a regular basis. These days, newsletters are sent via email, including information about events, company updates, or important messages.

For businesses, it is essential to understand the work needing done before hiring a ghostwriter via connections in professional networks or freelancing websites such as Reedsy. Understanding the various types of ghostwriting is beneficial to both clients and writers, making a working relationship that much more comfortable to establish.

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