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Society 91 views Sep 23, 2018
Startling Facts about the LGBT Community’s Acceptance All aroun

With the increasing number of people demanding equality for LGBT individuals, the level of acceptance of the LGBT community all over the world has, most likely, increased. Let’s find out what different countries reacted to the LGBT community, and what possible effects has this response affected the people.

According to a new study conducted by researchers from The Williams Institute UCLA School of Law, the average level of the Global Acceptance Index of LGBT in 141 countries has increased. However, in the study the researchers also discovered that the acceptance of LGBT people has become more polarized.

In Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden, LGBTs are generally accepted. They were not ostracized or discriminated on.

According to the Pew Research Center, countries, where marriages of the same sex, are allowed include the following: 

Argentina (2010)       

Greenland (2015)      

South Africa (2006)

Australia (2017)         

Iceland (2010)           

Spain (2005)

Belgium (2003)          

Ireland (2015)            

United States (2015)

Brazil (2013)  

Luxembourg (2014)   

Sweden (2009)

Canada (2005)           

Malta (2017)

Colombia (2016)        

Uruguay (2013)

Denmark (2012)         

The Netherlands (2000)

England / Wales (2013)         

New Zealand (2013)

Finland (2015)           

Norway (2008)

France (2013)            

Portugal (2010)

Germany (2017)         

Scotland (2014)


In Mexico, gay marriages are allowed in some areas, such as Baja California, Colima, Michoacán, Puebla, and other jurisdictions.

Although some countries are not included in the list, Asian countries, are gradually adjusting to the winds of change in accepting gay relationships and the LGBT community. The Middle East has not moved forward as its Asian neighbors with regards to LGBT marriages.

For example in Thailand, transgender individuals are generally accepted. In fact the country is widely known for its ladyboys. Ladyboys are male individuals who retain their male genitalia but may undergo hormone therapy or other minor surgery to make them feminine. Often, these ladyboys are mistaken for genuine women because some of them are even prettier than other women. This may sound exaggerated but it’s the truth.

In a few countries being an LGBT is a crime. Some of these countries are: Tanzania, Malaysia, Singapore, Pakistan, Qatar, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, and United Arab Emirates. So, if you’re LGBT, avoid these countries, or don’t do PDA or you will end up in jail.

In Bangladesh, two were killed because, allegedly, they have been promoting homosexuality. The killings were reportedly owned by an al-Qaeda affiliated group.

There are also other countries, where gays are accepted but not the marriage between LGBTS. Some of these countries are the Philippines, India, Taiwan, South Korea, China, Bahrain and Cuba. The rights of homosexuals are not protected as much as the right of heterosexuals in these countries.

The LGBT rights movements all over the world have spoken against bullying of gays and transgender persons. An example is the “Love Wins” campaign during the time of then President Obama.

These movements have also fought and are still fighting for equal rights for all of the LGBT community. These created more awareness that LGBT individuals are ordinary persons too, who want to love and be loved and not ostracized or be picked on.

Countries who have been shunning the LGBT community are now opening up gradually. But, perhaps, it would take a significant amount of time before these countries would allow the marriage between LGBT persons. You may want to check the complete list of these countries at Wikipedia.

The Catholic Church has staunchly opposed gay marriages. Although the Pope has expressed his belief that LGBT people must be accepted as they are; presumably, engaging in sexual acts and marrying persons from the same sex are still considered ”sinful” and against Catholic doctrines.

LGBT youths are not as pressured as their predecessors, when homosexuality was one of the leading causes of suicide and other crimes. Nowadays, LGBT youths have more moral support and acceptance. Online, there are also various groups that they can join that have the same sexual orientation as they may have.

If you notice your child or relative struggling with his identity, don’t hesitate to offer your help - and most of all – show her that you accept him as he is. There are people who have inborn gays because of their impaired physiologic functions. Examples of these are men who have elevated female hormones, and reduced male hormones. Hence, they can’t help but be more feminine.

Another concern for some countries is the increased risk of the spread of HIV/AIDS. According to CDC, 70% of HIV infection in the States is attributed to bisexuals, gays and men having sex with other men.

CDC is solving this problem but providing government funded projects to prevent identify HI infected patients and preventing the spread of HIV to other people. This is in the U.S. Hopefully; other countries would adopt the same program to decrease the risk of the LGBT community in becoming a tool to spread the incurable infection.

Perhaps, the Catholic Church has somewhat foreseen this humongous problem and move to eliminate it by not accepting LGBT relationships.

Nevertheless, for countries all over the world are affected based on their existing culture, preferences and policies.

By 2022, it’s expected that more countries would approve of gay marriages and accept the LGBT community completely. Naturally, there would be some countries that may never accept LGBTs, no matter what. This should not polarize their relationships with other countries though. It’s still a democratic world, where each citizen’s belief must be respected.

If you are an LGBT individual, you can use this information to decide where you would want to live, so you can express yourself openly. Don’t hide your true identity and suffer for the rest of your life. Muster your courage and be true to yourself. It’s tough to wear a mask every time you leave the comfort of your own room.

In instances when your country remains unaccepting of gay, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders, you may have to change your sexual orientation or decide to migrate to a country where you can be accepted.

Go offline and online and connect with people who share the same sentiments as you have. Good luck!

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