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  • 20 Mar 2018
    Gurgaon is one of the largest districts of Haryana. It is called millennium city due to its rapid developments in the fields of construction, technology especially in the last five years. It is the hub of prominent IT companies. Without any doubt, gurgaon turns out to be one of the fastest growing city in Delhi-NCR. Due to this rapid transformation, a high amount of energy is required to sustain the charm of the city in the more extended run. This rise in the energy demand can only be met by introducing solar panels as a compulsion in the town. One would ask why solar panels? The answer to this question is the widespread popularity of Solar Rooftop Companies providing the solar subsidy in the city and solar being the most efficient renewable means of energy. In the present time, Gurgaon has about 200 MW of the total installed capacity of solar power, a significant part of which is solar power. According to the statistics of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Haryana has an overreaching solar potential of 5GWp. And in achieving this target, Gurgaon is playing a significant role. This role can be accomplished by installing the solar panels on the rooftops in the city. The city needs to get ready to be solarised to show its potential turning into reality. In Gurgaon, Solar energy will soon be accepted as a significant source of energy shortly. And with India becoming a part of an International Solar Alliance, the solar industry will see history being made. In this modification, solar installation in Gurgaon will become mandatory.  Now if we go on to talk about the benefits of installing the solar rooftop, it saves money (you can calculate your bill using solar calculators) is eco-friendly and ensures excellent returns. Also, the government offers various solar subsidy, schemes, incentives and Solar policies which are being provided to encourage this installation. The government has already made the solar installation mandatory for some buildings to install at least three to five percent of the current load on solar. India has no shortage of solar rooftop companies, but to contribute to the solar energy, you need to install a quality PV system. Out of all solar companies in India, MYSUN is one of the largest online rooftop company with operations in multiple states in  North, Central, and Western India. They provide quality Solar rooftop services in Delhi NCR across residential, commercial, and industrial categories. 
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Business 768 views Mar 20, 2018
5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is a Must for Your Business

There is a cut-throat competition amongst businesses to stand out and attract potential customers. However, the efforts put into traditional outbound marketing tactics like cold calls, cold emails, etc. are proving to be futile. A modern-day consumer does not enjoy getting bombarded with unnecessary information. Hence, the strategies to reach them must be novice and well-thought. This is where inbound marketing intervenes as a savior.

Unlike traditional outbound marketing, inbound marketing revolves around the consumer. It uses content to drive visitors and leads to the product or services; it is more like pulling them by giving valuable information. Inbound marketing focuses on keeping the consumers engaged and helps businesses to evolve their sales and marketing process. However, these aren’t the only reasons why inbound marketing is a must for your business; there is more.

Hubspot, an inbound marketing software also offers various services in India that brands can utilize to step up their marketing game. Read on the 5 Reasons Why Inbound Marketing is a Must for Your Business:

1. A Smart Way of Investing Money

Inbound Marketing is a highly targeted methodology, unlike intrusive marketing mechanics. It might take time to bring in results but they are surely more effective and result oriented. It is nothing like outbound marketing which often gives temporary and short-term results; inbound marketing is an ongoing process. It is a commitment to building your brand online, creating content and continuously refining your efforts. However, it does not mean that you have to splurge money on it. As per the facts inbound marketing is more cost effective than outbound marketing.

In recent surveys by Hubspot, businesses reported that the cost per lead is at least 60% less than the cost per lead by outbound marketing. Regardless the marketing spends, inbound efforts achieve higher ROI than outbound marketing. Any inbound marketing agency will help you to analyze and calculate ROI of your inbound marketing efforts.


2. Attracting Potential Customers Towards Your Brand

Inbound Marketing is concerned with the people who are proactively looking for solutions that your brand offers. This means that you are attracting somebody who might be interested in your brand. It is an opportunity of turning a stranger into a lead. Furthermore, when the lead shows more interest in your services by filling up lead forms as you provide them interesting content offers, it keeps qualifying as an important prospect. Once the marketing team settles that the lead is interested in the product, it is passed onto the sales team, and then they try to convert it into a customer. 

It is surely a time-consuming process, but the result is worth it. Rather than spending time on 50 poor quality leads, it is beneficial for a brand to invest time in 10 quality leads and turn them into customers.


3. Streamlines Your Sales and Marketing Processes

What we call SMarketing, is a concept of bridging the gap between sales and marketing. In many organizations, sales and marketing teams are on an ongoing battle which typically looks like: sales team complain that marketing team isn’t generating enough quality leads while marketing team criticizes sales for not working on their leads properly. However, the concept of SMarketing induced by Hubspot facilitates both the teams to work in harmony for generating revenue. Marketers filter out qualified leads and then pass it to the sales teams. Hence, it gives them more time to invest on the qualified leads.


4. Builds Brand Authority and Awareness

The purpose of Inbound Marketing is not only to generate leads but also build brand awareness and enhance credibility. It uses social media, blog posts, infographics, newsletters, SEO, etc. as tools to get the brand in front of people and educate them about various services.

The effects of inbound marketing on the mind of customers are also long lasting as it is concerned about building a connection with them. It works on establishing trust resulting in a better brand recall. Once the lead turns into a customer, inbound efforts must also focus on keeping them delighted by taking regular feedbacks and improvising the product or services accordingly. This way you’ll turn your customers into brand advocates.


5. Having a CRM Tool Eases Up the Process

Inbound Marketing is a complex process that can only be handled with the help of a robust CRM tool. Such software helps the companies to manage marketing, sales, accounting, customer information, etc. from a single platform. It eliminates all the bottlenecks and keeps everything streamlined.  For instance, Hubspot CRM in addition to the marketing automation software helps brands to focus on and achieve targets. You can integrate your social media profiles, website, etc. on the platform and track communications and get real-time updates. 

Hubspot Certified Partners in India provides various inbound marketing services to the brands to help them achieve their targets and get quality leads.


For making your inbound marketing efforts successful, make sure that the whole organization work as an integrated team. This is the only way to get successful in your inbound endeavors!