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  • 19 Oct 2012
    Into the year's second half, the various Annual Meeting and dinner is unavoidable, then you need not only beautiful makeup, as well as an exquisite clutch. In appreciate Burberry2012 autumn and winter PRORSUM tote bag, together with a review of the classic burberry handbag, the various sections are so exciting. British traditional style luxury brand Burberry2012 of autumn and winter series of new bags, perpetuate the style, elegance and luxury design show uniformed texture unfolded brand burberry handbag unique style. Burberry2012 autumn and winter use of new bags, all kinds of leather and canvas sufficient emphasis on the integration of luxury and practical. Burberry emphasizes traditional British noble design, win the hearts and minds of countless people, to become a timeless brand! Autumn and winter series of purse Burberry 2012 years of tradition and fashion, tough tone uniformed style not only handsome but also strengthened the texture of a single product, new burberry purse will soon become the one of the single product of the fall and winter favorite of the ladies. 2012 autumn and winter new burberry sale handbag embodies elegant luxury the uniformed texture, a bag ladies most practical, popular and high-quality binding summary. Traditional British noble design reflected this timeless brand Volkswagen like. Burberry Burberry has a history of 156 years, with a strong British cultural well-known brands, has long since become a luxury, quality, innovation, and timeless classic synonymous Burberry2012 autumn and winter new bags it is the traditional style of a continuation, this upcoming is a new leap forward .
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  • 26 Oct 2012
    To celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year, the classic British fashion brand Burberry will launch a special series of the 2012 New Year's special section. 2012 new burberry handbag especially joined Chinese red elements, Burberry is a very traditional English-style luxury brand, multi-level product line to meet the different age and gender consumer demand. The burberry handbag2012 new winter bags continue to follow the elegance of wild style. The long-standing tradition with the noble and consistent fashion British style. Experience and new burberry sale handbag fashion elements, prominent in the traditional charm of his personality. The new rid of plaid printing, with a solid color.Burberry brand 2012 autumn and winter design inspired by the traditional styles of bags and into the elements of the English countryside, the 2012 autumn and winter series of runway of Lorena De Tuote package with rustic and ankle boots, understated chic leather bag models Houndstooth scarf, striped soft handbags and thick crust slope with boots, soft cashmere scarves, men's leather high-top shoes, warm wool boots. Men's cashmere scarf and striped soft travel bag - the weekend the perfect combination of countryside recreation. The burberry Is the UK's top brand, established since the early 1970s, has been produced Britain's most innovative avant-garde senior leather. burberry purse leather, slip light material so that the pattern is not buried eclipsed, clean lines in both the changing expression style, complexity and simplicity of the intertwined, classic and avant-garde flair, full of personality and can not define the exhibit but the mysterious female lead the love of a good impression. Establish its elegant, high-quality brand image, and swept the international market in the short term, the United States, Asia is booming.
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  • 25 Jul 2012
    Mulberry 2011 Winter ad large full version of exposure, the common interpretation of supermodel Julia Saner and Tati Cotliar. This season will be the Mulberry brand continues past the classic style of the British Institute. Autumn and winter calm, soft earth tones of clothing and mulberry bags, passed out in the warm atmosphere of a deep sense of nostalgia. Braid handles, golden lock, double belt fixed, cover, or rough or soft brown, black leather Mulberry's classic bag charm, while in the spring and summer of 2011, enchanting and lovely pink zebra, fresh denim blue, shiny pale gold or silvery white metal color of fresh design changes out of the hands of scenery, but also add more colorful novelty for Mulberr pragmatism route. Jewelled Lily bag mulberry2011 spring and summer full of large and small gold rivets, flashing crystal stone, to produce such a gorgeous bag, how much material we have to spend much time? Below and posters, web series compiled by the production process diagram of the mulberry handbag to check it out! Famous bag brand Mulberry The Target department store (Target) and the United States to launch a series of cheap mulberry handbags. The range of several large handbags Mulberry Bayswater, Mulberry's most famous and Mulberry Roxanne for the design of a prototype; trumpet shoulder bag, pay more attention to fine detail. Color, the series of bags in addition to the use of restrained black and wild tannin color, but also will introduce a pink leopard pattern, very unassuming. Mulberry, for the Target series bag is priced at U.S. $ 14.99-49.99. Like Friends of the newspaper "look! Reported that the faithful expect Peanuts Mulberry joint bag formally exposed! The Mulberry Bayswater section of the most popular build mulberry purses commemorative edition bags, bags printed with all the cute characters in the "Peanuts", not only for fans collection, usually back when, but also make her friends smile too!
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  • 24 Aug 2012
    Wedding continue in 2011, in which most of the world's attention is the combination of Prince William and Princess Kate. Princess Kate is a commoner, but her fashion sense can not be underestimated, wherever they are fashion focus. Recently, Princess Kate and Prince William appeared Heathrow Airport, UK, mentioning her hand mulberry bags were particularly noticeable. Or girlfriend of Prince William, Kate had become the focus of fashion chasing. Many media said Kate's taste can be comparable with Prince William's mother, Princess Diana. From time to time has now officially married into the royal family, to become members of the nobility Kate gives a stylish surprise. Princess Kate and Prince William appeared together at Heathrow airport, UK, she was dressed in a dark jacket with a black skirt, very elegant, however, the most striking of her hand mentioning mulberry handbag. The mulberry handbags new retro refined, more elegant and dignified highlights Princess Kate. Mulberry new "mulberry purses" 2011 autumn and winter series of new products, and its the Baoshen design to be modeled on the popular series of Neely as, with their own metal parts ─ jumbo the push lock. Thismulberry purses hand, can also be destroyed armpit it also has purple and pumpkin colors to choose from, in addition to dark shades of autumn and winter, wild fashion, filling the deep simplicity British style.
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Intention & Manifestation 904 views Nov 01, 2012
g43e3wf32:Burberry 2012 new bag series

Burberry recently released the 2012 autumn and winter women's fashion accessories.burberry handbag 2012 Winter new accessories include A nest nail alligator Burberry Cadet long with hanging shoulder bag, denim rivets with lock Burberry Cadet long shoulder bag with hanging Plaid wafer rivet Burberry Cadet long shoulder bag with hanging and rubber bottom shearing lined aviator boots, rubber sole shearing lining uniformed boots are for the season Burberr shape firmness and flexibility perfect style!

Designer Christopher Bailey has been added a new, dynamic elements continue to burberry purse, burberry handbag series, with a the nation unique style of ancient weaving, color of rare leather, create a geometric pattern and stitching shape refreshing combined into a practical large handbag, belt buckle decorated clutch and shape just like classical flavor satchel, classic Plaid is truly relegated to a "supporting role" position.burberry sale 2012 bags series, with a the nation unique style of ancient weaving, color of rare leather, create a geometric pattern and stitching refreshing styling, combined into a practical large handbag, belt buckle decorated with hand package and square shape, the classical flavor satchel, Plaid is relegated to a "supporting role" position on the color to green, camel and other low-key calm, passing classic British taste.

Burberry 2010 autumn ladies fashion show released accessories such as sheep shearing excellent material as raw material, both practical and stylish, Dress up in autumn and winter, the best. Burberry has been the fashion world's darling, its fashion items is also subject to the majority of female fans and favorite, the above several bags design can be described as unique, more female compatriots whom cheered want to be fashionistas to join Burberry tribes it!