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Health 972 views Oct 23, 2012
t4fger4dwf:Prada fashion bags that cartoon color

prada tote personality always brought us a lot of new products, the cartoon image is not a creative impulse, big fashion brand, small school uniforms, even in the application of the cartoon image of the financial sector is also very widely. At first we just like with the cartoon image decadent music of the song, row the physical stuff. Only concise, mature mass clothing brand is recognized, fancy cartoon image is only with the wronged cruise cruise Tide brand.

However good things will always be Evidently, the only people's ability to accept more limited. With the changing fashion elements, more and more well-known cartoon image appear in clothing design, from embellishment to modification from adoption to be reused, so a little bit of change in our concept of life, infection with we thought, Cartoon will officially host computer.

Have such a bag in the the earlier Louis Vuitton products doorman, although not cheap, but it can not stop the influx of people's footsteps, and finally allowed to earn pours, provoke red a lot of brand 's eye. Although we can not say prada purse of this product is to follow the trend of making, but I personally feel that there is jealousy complex, but Tide brand, after all, has its own fashion philosophy, the design of the product is different. cheap prada this product is more like a tailored, age range planning is very small, I think it would be difficult to have a rough lords carrying a stroll on the street, unless his mind almost things. Solemnly say this backpack belonging to a lovely man, white can be modified to a pure temperament, black strap I feel more like a cover up effect, consistent with the color of his clothes, like in the clothes sewn a prada wallet middle the prada distinctive logo, you'll see at a glance, followed by marvel! Characters embellished with a cartoon image of an exaggeration restrained several limbs exaggerated vitality details, big for us to create this opportunity for us to play act cute no harm.