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Getting Things Done 1,157 views Oct 17, 2012
y4tio5tre4:Fashion handbags brand - Celine

celine since its inception in 1945, has been excellent quality and exquisite fashion nominee celine word. Clothing, purses, shoes, leather gloves and other products that it produces, from accessories to design, production, or selection, are quite rich and refined, emphasizing harmony and clothing with sex. Years, celine continued for female interpretation of elegance to create fashion, while continuing to express through the introduction of new design fashion interest in culture and sports, celine bags represents a new way of life.

The contemporary style celine professional women's style can best demonstrate the French luxury brand. celine strong brand style, free and easy and independent female moment aplomb, highlighting the gentle charm. Exquisite brand image from the hands of women, designed for women to create a comfortable material Seiko secret agents, superb high-quality skill achievement is the perfect CELINE classic Paris fashion.

In 2005, Ivana Omazic as brand artistic director, to accept the commemorative edition reinterpreted pick celine spirit the Celine Classic Bags battle. Designed and launched by her 2006 spring and summer series with great success. She boldly carry forward the celine traditional leisure installed the unique style, with elegant, modern and full of feminine charm fashion design.

In 2007, the brand will celebrate the birthday of Chaicircne Blason series. This series as a brand logo has been as long as 35 years. Series for the Arc de Triomphe, Paris Etoile decorative patterns, undoubtedly celine choice is Ms. Céline Vipiana, very Parisian the ideal brand logo. Luxury retro colors, colorful, romantic feel a celine bags brings you novel and exciting visual handbags enjoy, follow celine bags to enjoy the beautiful life belongs only to you.