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Intention & Manifestation 630 views Sep 20, 2012
k5fd4dfgrw:Celine IT bag celine luggage bags

Along CELINE and a group of senior artists and fashion circles have cooperation on the design, including the famous illustrator of the 1950s the RAYMOND PEYNET, and early this year with EMMANUELLE SEIGNER common Taichi Series completed. In a cooperation CELINE invited to a Japanese supermodel Ai Tominaga. She has repeatedly CELINE catwalk in Fashion Week, also play the female lead in international advertising. The young mothers who would like to create a beautiful and practical celine luggage bags.

First depicted in pencil cable system package type, and then light color coloring performance color relationships. This is a simple and fast performance celine bagsdesigned painting. This is a gross Qiu package design, complete with a colored pencil drawing. The plush texture of the surface with a fine short lines arranged the overall shade structure drawing package to grasp. Pattern to do the actual situation, the shades, the performance of the cold and warm relations dealing with attention to texture.

These six types of inclusions from different parts of the different parts and different roles. Package style is not for the purpose of inclusions, regardless of its component parts What is the difference between the inclusions by the front and rear fan, side , the bottom and top, only some part of a separate component by component, and some part of the extension from other parts, and some parts of parts due to the design needs (such as exposure to the upper part of the package) is omitted nothing. E.g., including the end, by the front and rear fan extending constituting;celine tote bags body side portion and the upper, lower, may be constituted by the unitary member, and can also be individually constituted. But regardless of what kind of sub-structure of the package body, the package body parts by the three parts of the external parts, internal parts and the middle parts.