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Lucid Dreaming 824 views Sep 18, 2012
f6vhdt5c4:Celine bag package series launched embarrassing face

celine luggage bags big change Celine 2011 launched a new celine luggage bags, loose open design to bring greater volume, the belt lacing distinctive drawn to both sides, so that the package shall seem extra fashionable playful, but also with each other system buckle, celine bags present a semi-open semi-closed unique state, just as free to change, it is unpredictable fashion celine bags.

The appearance of geometry, generous proportions, celine luggage bags series by virtue of a clear and classic structure to become one of the package shall Céline iconic. Relaxed style portable, multi-purpose, large capacity, suitable for everyday city life, both worth the investment of a single product and filled with a strong fashion flavor. The whole front part from a single piece of leather sewn, specially treated to make it more gentle, lined with leather the composite craft or suede. Front pocket with a hidden zipper with braided tassel detail, black lacquered metal parts reflects the attitude of the avant-garde. The new design abandons the original closed zipper, layered lace belt can be drawn to both sides of the and also mutually Department buckle,celine tote presents a semi-open semi-closed unique state. The structure of this section celine tot achievements, removal of complicated design, not too much the lady of simple three-dimensional, reflecting a real character is not fancy. The tan lines nowadays normalizing is lining the feeling of autumn.