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Goals & Goal Setting 685 views Sep 13, 2012
sd5dfsgv5:Celine series bags star in hot pursuit of the influx

When Phoebe Philo settled Celine's first year, to bring people in addition to surprise or surprise. In addition to a change in the Celine original old-fashioned heavy and conservative style, even celine bags have become a star ladies and the influx of people's hearts. Of celine luggage bags, more commonly known as celine luggage bags became a fashion week outside the most beautiful, the most eye-catching single product. Studios in the fourth quarter, "Gossip Girl", Li Dayton - Mestre carrying celine luggage bags through the streets, hot supermodel the mother Claudia - Schiffer time and again to see abandoned Celine picked up handbag, Chinese supermodel Shu Pei Qin shuttle is carrying this handbag in four major fashion weeks, enough to appear celine luggage bags of charisma.

Since more and more to bring our surprise Phoebe Philo settled Celine family. Celine luggage bags that the original heavy rigid conservative style but also fashion pure vitality not only changed more into the room. Especially handbags is more likable, sought after by the influx of people of many supermodel star.celine luggage bags series particularly popular since last year swept the world. celine tote Series 2011 is new again, and to retain the essence of the design is more simple and practical, color and texture is more diverse. Quickly with editors take a look at the the street swept the 2011 spring and summer series Luggage handbags.