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Goals & Goal Setting 637 views Sep 05, 2012
c5gfh4w6:Celine luggage bags continues to heat up

The lovely Celine luggage bags classic styling memorable, from 10 years to start a street shooting in the most photographed IT Bag prosperous celine bags for a whole year in 11 years is still a star, supermodel, IT Girl Street often with the IT Bag, has now come to 12 years, celine luggage bags is still the star, the influx of people street beat favorite single product has become the enduring fashion items.

Celine 2012 spring and summer handbags series brought us what kind of surprise! Under the classic "smiley package", Luggage, Phantom and Cabas style, into a bright new color oh. Celine This interpretation is more subtle and timeless, in addition to the general calfskin style, calfskin ride suede and other stitching styles, with the practicality of a high color, black, brown, dark red, as well as jump rose red, low-key grass green, navy blue, as in the past, Celine design in this quarter also successfully won the hearts of the general public.

Sell, Celine Luggage series represents a new trend in the consumption of luxury goods. 80, the influx of young people after 90 CelineLuggage series called "smiley package. And the biggest names in fashion magazines, newspapers and other traditional media push new habits, celine tote bags by fashion forum constantly textures, with appearances on various occasions with the stars appear, or simply shot around the world Street picture appear. Usually 80, 90 after young people easily accept such a network mode of transmission.