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Goals & Goal Setting 607 views Jun 23, 2012
ld5ydf4s:Handbags dress more beautiful

The colorful the summer Ruqierzhi, in this lively boiling season, people often go hand in hand to travel, this time, luxurious colorful celine bags and leather handbags seriousness seemed to become less in tune. The summer is cool and pleasant feeling, so we need to get rid of the past seriousness of the dress to create a fresh and casual summer a new image to go spend a pleasant summer. The change is necessary to start from the "bag". The handbag is the most practical women's jewelry accessories, is also the language of personality and fun and full of tension. The handbags can be used as a powerful complement of clothing, the clothing in some of the defects and deficiencies, through handbag to make up.

Such as not enough gorgeous costumes can be used with high-end celine luggage bags; enough personality dress with ingenious celine luggage bags. celine luggage bags, and so together, the choice of handbag can strong to express the choice of attitude towards life and ideas, suggesting that the consumer mentality, the choice of the brand-name handbags, the choice of texture, choose what kind of shape, color and purity as well as the maintenance of extent, needs careful design. celine luggage bags with a strong personality and career preference, under normal circumstances, work handbag preferred leather products. In addition to the advantage of rugged, as well as strengthen the texture of a full, mature female occupational characteristics. For most working-class women, how can we choose to "universal" celine luggage bags a can for all occasions?

Color, I recommend the purchase of black, dark blue, fawn, brown neutral color handbags, neutral colors easier to coordinate the clothing, to quickly enhance your professional image. Buy handbags, Celine tote, the best shoes, belts echoes, coupled with the texture, the same color or close to the belt and shoes, will have overall sense. Of course, this is not absolute, celine tote color may not necessarily with the color of the shoes exactly the same, but to make the two colors can be mixed together in harmony. Material aspects, should be considered and the adaptability of the season, weaving, flax, cotton texture and lightweight package suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter, leather, woolen thick package is more suitable for winter. Celine tote denim, leather stitching fabric and grid pattern, and never falling behind each year just in style on a new guise. Pay attention to the selection of these two elements of the bag, the ratio between large, small blocks of color, so that they will have grace.

If you think celine bags style is simple, the lack of new ideas and also make your own plus some commonly used accessories around, a multi-purpose, such as Tie a scarf, or hang a necklace, do not on a brooch, a small Accessories can make the visual level of the handbag enriched. But be careful to select the upper body accessories, the right choices not only make the body look tall, can bring out the look of the face. In addition, when you buy celine bags, must usually carry items (cosmetic bag, cell phone, business cards, folders, etc.) are brought, so as to pick a practical bag that can accommodate all the necessary supplies.