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Family & Home 227 views Feb 12, 2018
Nadine Goukow Provides Suggestions on Fall Leaves


Officially called Autumn, Nadine Gourkow knows the reason we really call it Fall. The reason is quite simple – the leaves fall off the trees. They are a treat for the eye when they are on the trees, but these leaves make a mess of our yards. So, what are we to do with all those leaves in the yard? Do we compost them? Do we throw them in the bin? Do we burn them? Do we leave them? We will discuss some ideas on what you can do with Mother Nature’s change of seasons she dumps on our yard.

Your Options

Traditionally, people would leave them on the ground. However, with housing boards telling us what colour to paint our house, how long the grass can be, and, yes, even when, where, and how we can dispose of leaves, we are in quite the pickle. Below are a few suggestions of ways to deal with the fall leaves. Depending on where you live, some of them may or may not be an option.

  1. Leave them alone – That’s right, don’t touch them. If you just have to get the leaves off the sidewalk, make sure you put them on the lawn or in the garden. Mother Nature actually sheds the leaves for a reason – they protect the undergrowth for the impending cold season. Just like we humans drag out the heavy blankets every year when the temperature drops, Mother Nature is providing the undergrowth with a blanket to get them through until Spring. It allows for late root veg (e.g. pumpkins, garlic, and yams) to root without sprouting all winter long.
  2. Weed barrier – People spend hundreds of dollars each year buying weed barriers for their gardens. Essentially all the barriers do is suppress the sunlight from getting to the weeds and allowing them to grow. Instead of spending money on these weed barriers, simply use the leaves that fall each autumn in the spring as a way to stop those pesky weeds from growing. Simply line them around your garden in the areas that are not growing your fruits and vegetables and it can stop the weed growth completely.
  3. Compost – Quite obviously the most desirable solution. Simply rake up the leaves in the yard, sweep them off the walkways and porches and add them to your compost heap. During the winter they will break down and give you the best fertilizer that you could ever have. The reason being is that it will be flush with the minerals that your ground needs and nothing more. Not only does buying it cost a lot, but they also add so much to the compost to cover a wide variety of soils. This could mean over saturating the land with minerals it already has.

Raking Up

We hope that these tips provided by Nadine Gourkow have helped you to make a decision on what to do with the mess that Mother Nature has done to your front yard. Remember, before making a final decision, check your local laws and ordinances to avoid receiving a hefty fine.

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