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Business 33 views Jan 13, 2018
Why a human touch still beats the machines

Despite what you may have read or heard, AI still has a long way to go before it masters language. It certainly has a long way to go before it can command writing in the way a successful author requires. Content creation is a unique blend of art, science, and business intuition. These are three areas of human endeavor Machine Learning has yet to master on its own. Content paraphrasing offers a very particular set of challenges for the author. It requires a deconstruction of the message and its vehicle. Each component of the content holds a special value for the writer, and neither is parted with easily.

While an editor, hired through a content paraphrasing service, is expected to be professional and precise, they cannot hope to be as cold and reductive as a machine. Because of this ability for human artistry and professional judgement, the editor can strike a balance between the author’s sentimentality and the machine’s lack of artfulness.

Many tools have slowly emerged across the internet that promise quality revisions through algorithms. These are the software equivalent of charlatans. They will drain you of time and creative energy in return for a low-quality version of your work. The free in-browser tools are the worst culprits, while subscription software services offer a sophisticated veneer for soulless content. This can be avoided by adding the human element to your revisions through a content paraphrasing service. If anything, the human editor can offer superior, more pointed feedback. At best, you will receive an end product that was handled with respect, creativity, and professionalism.