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  • 18 Jan 2018
    The Action Role Playing Game (“ARPG”) genre is very straightforward in many ways, especially when it comes to comparing certain games to others within the genre. You could even arrive at the conclusion that all ARPGs are actually too similar, excluding the variety of in-game locations and design quality. They often include many familiar traits, such as gaining XP and levelling up, collecting loot, increasing stakes, and progressively stronger enemies. Through our discussion in the forum, we are sharing with you why Path of Exile was the best ARPG of 2017. 1) I'm someone who loves to play Necromancer/Minion related builds in essentially every game I play. One of the things I think GD did very well was how minion stats are associated directly to your gear. You can get gear with minion resists/damage/crit dmg, unlike PoE where essentially everything minion related is either obtained through the tree or gems. This led to some interesting choices, I found multiple times having to make decisions about gear specifically because of this, which felt really refreshing coming from PoE, where you don't really make choices when it comes to minion stats. Another thing that I really liked was how some bases have unique modifiers to skills, combined with other random stats. The cool thing is that the random stats scale with ilevel, so you're not stuck with an item with crappy stats that you have to use because the skill modifier is too good to pass. This makes rare items so much more interesting imo, and creates a item hunt for that perfect item with the perfect random stats that you want. 2) Well, Diablo 3 reworked some of the damage values of most class sets and streamers lost their shit as if the game had gotten an expansion. But technically it's still competition, even if on life-support. (I do hope they take a hard look at poe for d4 but at this point the gaming veterans realise that, seeing the dev culture and mentality of Blizzard, we're not getting anything like the first games in terms of direction (although quality will be there). 3) By the time they release Diablo 4 PoE will have like ~10 more expansions of content. Also I'm not even sure they can make anything good at this point. Blizzard can't make niche titles anymore. They will have to appeal to major audience and make money with loot boxes. Diablo 4 won't be any closer to D2, than D3 is. 4) PoE is pretty mainstream these days though, sure its no DOTA/CSGO/PUBG but it still holds a consistent top 20 on Steam/Twitch in off-season with peaks into the top 5 around a new league. If Blizzard had the talent they could still make something that appeals to a broader audience without sacrificing too much depth. Although I don't think they have the talent to fully implement this, the situation isn't quite as dire as some people are making out, their other teams are nowhere close to as atrocious as the D3 team was in its finest hour (if it ever existed). What do you thingk? Don't forget to from U4GM poe buy orbs, we wanted to take a from telling you that we are the cheapest and best place to buy POE currency online.
    136 Posted by Aliceone Hong
  • 15 Jan 2018
    Poison is an ailment that deals chaos damage over time to the affected target. I've been playing a very similar build for the last 2 weeks, currently at 99, working on 100. I have no idea if you are one of the two guys i already talked about that asked me about the build, if so ignore my post! Some things that differ: 1) I am running Inpulsa's instead of Dendrobate. Dendrobate's usefulness is limited, as it only serves for 100% increased damage and 25% Duration (you are already capped at 100% Chance to poison) and i replaced it with Inpulsa's, which is able to apply incredibly huge Poison Stacks to Monsters due to Volkuur's (it also has a Life Roll, which is VERY scarce in the build). Then again, if you go for purely Shaper farming, i can see the Dendrobate having use. 2) I pathed very differently than you did in the Skill Tree.I went through the Shadow nodes, which are excellent and through the witch nodes. (Life and Flask Effectiveness). The Flask Effectiveness also enables you to replace one of the Jewels with Conqueror'S Efficiency, which provides +1 Additional Arrow from Dying Sun, due to Flask Effectiveness. (Which is worth it for Tornado Shot at least) Due to the more widespread tree, i was also able to pick up a lot more Life Nodes, resulting in around 7k Life, realistically 6k life at Level 90. ( which, if needed, can be traded in against Jewel Slots, i only didnt take some 4 point Jewels because of the Level 100 grind and not needing the extra damage). 3) I did go for a +2 Arrow Elder Quiver, as i am going Tornado Shot and it is Clearspeed and Single-Target Damage at the same time. 4) I guess i also put a lot more PoE orbs into the build, corrupting myself a +1 Arrow Quill Rain and Temporal Chains on Hit Volkuur's. Overall, really cool that somebody else is playing the build, was only a matter of time till people catched onto it!
    103 Posted by Aliceone Hong
  • 31 Jan 2018
    A divination card is a type of item introduced in The Awakening expansion. All divination cards are designed by players who have purchased a Highgate Supporter Pack. These cards drop from monsters and chests as you hunt for POE Currency. They are stackable, tradeable items that take up 1×1 inventory space. A full set of cards can be vendored to Tasuni in Highgate in exchange for the item referenced on the card. Each card type drops in specific areas of Wraeclast, so farming said area allows for the player to maximize their chances of obtaining the desired item. POE Currency: Divination CardsDivination cards are affected by the drop rate penalty. Character level is never considered to be higher than 68 in regards to drop rate penalty, meaning that high level characters (68+) can farm world areas in merciless difficulty without severe drop rate penalties. For example if the monster level is 66 there is a 0% drop rate penalty, and in zones with level 56 monsters there is a 25% drop rate penalty. Divination cards that award an item, whose level depends on the player’s level, are capped at item level 80. If a set of divination cards awards a corrupted item, then the corruption effect is guaranteed be an implicit mod with the exception of maps, which cannot have implicit mods. There are atleast 179 divination cards currently in game, with their known drop locations. When a card can drop in a certain map area, it drops both in that regular map and its legacy variant. Unique Items and Divination Cards The Long Winter This is a threshold jewel that is going to be great for bringing Glacial Cascade up to a higher level of power. Those who make use of Glacial Cascade will notice a large increase in damage. Kalisas Grace These gloves have built in Faster Casting as well as offering a nice amount of life and energy shield. The bottom mod is what is going to make Kalisas Grace something that all critical strike based casters will want. We have a feeling this may be tough to get the hang of, but once you do it will be truly incredible. Divination Cards As far as the Divination Cards go, Grinding Gear Games are adding some really cool ones to the mix. The Eye Of The Dragon, No Traces, and The Blazing Fire are the ones that we feel will be the most popular. Over at the Path Of Exile site, they have the full list on there so be sure to check it out and let us know what Unique Items and Divination Cards you are hoping to get. If Orbs are what you are after right now. Look at our Hot Sale where you can buy poe currency nice and cheap!
    87 Posted by Aliceone Hong
  • 03 Feb 2018
    Are you looking for helpful tips, tricks, and resources for your very own Path of Exile quest. The only things that are truly influenced by your choice of class are your starting stats and where you start in the passive skill tree. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe orbs fast is to buy poe items on U4GM. If you want to buy cheapest currency, just make sure to spare some time to join in our site. Passive Skill Tree?Yes, a massive one at that. As Grinding Gear Games (the developers of Path of Exile) proudly proclaim on their website, it has a whopping 1350 (!) skills. The possibilities are nearly limitless, although I predict that the community will eventually fall in line with certain passive skill allocations that are "best-of-class" (or what are commonly known as cookie-cutter builds). Active SkillsSee, the reason why classes are largely unimportant in Path of Exile is due to the way active skills work. Your character does not learn new skills at level-up. Instead he or she must equip skill gems in socketed items to gain their effects. This creates an interesting balance where a weapon that would be strictly superior in most other action roleplaying games is actually inferior to a close competitor due to the fact that it has fewer (or NO) sockets. Skill Gems come in three colors, one for each stat. Strength is Red, Dexterity is Green and Intelligence is Blue. Sockets, likewise, also come in the same three colors. So, as you might imagine, you must place gems in sockets that share their color. Another thing that Path of Exile does which hasn't been done much, if at all, in the action RPG genre is the concept of linked sockets. You can use special support gems to augment the effects of your skills. However, to do that, you will need to have a skill gem in a socket that has a link with another socket. Then, you would put the support gem in the other socket, and voila! Tips and Tricks for Playing Path of Exile: Kill Everything Always Loot Everything Early Support Your Skills Focus Your Damage But Don’t Neglect Defenses Create A Hideout Carry Currency With You Be Ready for Anything Experiment With Strange Combinations Embrace Being Terrible and Try Again
    76 Posted by Aliceone Hong
General 44 views Jan 20, 2018
Path of Exile - How To Do Vortex Dome?

Have to agree, on top of that, it also has increased effect of chill? why would I wear a hat that would make me get more chilled?? Hat's functionality has to either protect the head from cold weather or sun burns and the functionality of this one only serves one purpose..

Remote Mine, Hypothermia and +Crit are all suffixes. The only better suffixes would be +3% Crit (good luck getting that in addition to 2 other mods) or 30% more elemental damage from Essence (but Horror is expensive AF)

The problem here is that all the damage supports are suffixes, so you have to chaos spam helmets (with Trans > Aug > Regal you only get 2) or Horror-spam them.

This helmet here has "Place an additional Mine" which is basically a +33% more multiplier when spamming mines with Detonate Totem up (25% if saboteur additional mine triggers, which is 20% of the time, so it is practically a ~31,4% more multiplier)

I bought the helmet with the three suffixes (that's why it was that hard to get enchant on it) and metacrafted prefixes until I got the Inc AoE support and then crafted life on it.

I just don't have the poe orbs to craft further for 2x T1 (AoE + T1 life for example, or another damage stat like cold or lightning damage to spells). You can further create 2x T1 by purchasing Path of Exile currency. Of course, You can further create 2x T1 by buy PoE currency.

The Phys as Extra Lightning is not as good as it sounds, because you already get a lot of extra dmg from those shaper stat sticks that are around everywhere.

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